Mushrooms for Gut Health: Keeping Your Gut and Mind On the Same Page

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Getting Quality Daily Gut Health Support from Natural, Superfood Mushroom Supplements

Gut health is an essential element of our diets, daily routines, and keeping our bodies functioning at a high level. Without strong support from your immune system, your body can shutdown from a productive day quickly and not have the same impact that you may have expected with a good night sleep, exercise, and other strong habits in place. Luckily, what are called "medicinal mushrooms" today can make that experience a whole lot simpler.

Now, while there isn’t one mushroom necessarily that goes above and beyond all the others, there’s a handful that are all worth working into your diet. Depending on the benefits you’re looking for, you can give each of them a try as you go. Luckily, finding a provider is simpler than ever today. The trouble is differentiating quality, and getting the exact benefits you're looking for.

At Troomy, we utilize medicinal mushroom support for elevating gut health quickly. While our Daily blend includes 14 different mushroom species, we prioritize using the:

  • Reishi mushroom

  • Chaga mushroom

  • Lion’s mane mushroom

  • Cordyceps mushroom

Together, these versatile supplements offer support for your overall health through superfood strength. Today, we'll take a deep dive into what makes medicinal mushrooms outstanding supplement options for improving gut health, what makes gut health vital to your body wellness, and strategies to be proactive in observing side effects/symptoms of poor gut health.

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Which Factors Impact Gut Health?

Your gastrointestinal and digestive tract health are primary components of your gut health. To mend health issues associated with poor gut performance, a handful of key factors are important to be mindful of when you're aiming to reduce the impact of an upset stomach, bloating, and other symptoms of poor gut health. 


Diet virtually impacts every aspect of your daily health. Whether you’re getting enough greens, proteins, or vitamins in general, you have to stay consistent with your diet to create a routine your body can rely on you for.

To keep your gut health regulated, make sure there's balance to veggies, starches, and proteins all getting into your meal plan consistently. That way you can root out the issues prevalent in your gut far more easily, and aren't guessing at whether or not the extra sugars/carbs are making a difference.

Mental Health

Mental health as a whole can completely reshape your life. When you’re in a good place mentally and can structure daily support around yourself with a good support team in place, everything gets a whole lot easier. When your mental health is struggling though and starts to impact your overall health, seeking help might be a good step to take. Despite it impacting your gut health, gut health might be the least of your worries when you’re just trying to feel okay.

Mental health resources are widely available today and should be taken advantage of. As you get help on your own, your habits can play a great role in impacting your mental health as well. Exercise, good sleep, seeing loved ones, and other healthy choices to make regularly.

Gut Bacteria

Good gut bacteria is actually a healthy necessity the body has for keeping digestion and cardiovascular performance regulated. While there's both good and bad bacteria to have in the body, a healthy complement of the right combination is only made possible through good habits and eating the right foods. This "right combination" roots in the gut microbiome.

Gut microbiome growth is linked to be amply stimulated through routine mushroom use. Since they're an elite carbohydrate for the body to rely on, a healthy microbiome is all the more possible with probiotics layered into your daily routine through mushrooms.


Be mindful of how new or existing medications might factor into your gut health. For example, if you get an upset stomach routinely after using a particular medication, consistently using that same medication could create a lasting negative impact on your gut health.

if you’re worried about how your body has responded to medicinal mushroom supplements, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider ahead of time. This will stabilize your wellness at the highest level to give you your best chance of keeping your gut health regulated.

Additionally, it will help you avoid the inherent risks of having poor gut health.

 Gut Health - Medicinal Mushroom Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics

Risks of Poor Gut Health

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are two conditions that inflammatory bowel disease describes: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. In both cases, the root of inflammatory bowel disease starts with digestive tract inflammation. Reducing inflammation through good dieting, sleep habits, hydration, and anti-inflammatory support are all going to offer better results for resisting IBD.

Blood Sugar Issues

Blood sugar and cardiovascular health are a major factor to obesity, as well as gut health. Cutting down on fatty foods and being mindful of the instances you have an energy drink instead of a healthier, natural option is a great place to start.

Weight Loss

Unhealthy weight loss causes by overgrown bacteria in the gut’s never good. While it might be a fitness goal of yours, losing weight by way of having weak gut health and bad gut bacteria build up is not the answer. In most cases, dramatic weight loss without a significant change in eating habits, fitness, or other common habits is cause for a trip to the doctor.

Less Effective Immune Response

As inflammation increases and blocks receptors with a low bioactive compound count, you're going to be at higher risk of having a weak immune response to viruses and other similar ailments. Be mindful of when you get sick, the average length of your symptoms, and how you take care of your body in that time as well.

On top of internal body wellness, poor gut health can have symptoms visible that you can have checked today by a physician.

Skin-Related Conditions Connected to Poor Gut Health


Inflamed and swollen skin can be painful, and eczema (or dermatitis) is no different. This usually is most prevalent through dry skin that develops into rashes/itchy redness. Causes of eczema include:

  • Soaps/shampoos/detergents
  • Smoke
  • Emotional well-being
  • Weather (dry, lack of humidity)
  • Allergies

Since gut health does impact the communication through the body of your immune system and how your cardiovascular system can regulate blood flow, it's majorly important to resist eczema developing if you do have any of these habits/ailments in your routine already. 


Directly connected to hair health and the scalp, psoriasis is a condition that roots in skin cell build-up, which causes itchy skin, patches of dry skin, and even scaly/rash-ridden skin to emerge. Common causes of psoriasis include:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Infection

For the most part, causes of psoriasis root in habits that we choose. Luckily, when you boost gut health with good eating habits and bacterial regulation, you could see psoriasis start to play less and less of a role in your daily health.


Similar to immune responses suffering with a lack of bioactive compounds or sturdy diet in daily habits, acne causes "breakouts" when hair follicles get blocked. The most common factors of acne include:

  • Diet
  • Hydration
  • Hormones
  • Medications
  • Oils/related products

Fortunately, most of these symptoms can be reduced in a major way with good habits that regulate a healthier and more proactive gut.  

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Benefits of Good Gut Health


Immune health is extremely vital to keeping yourself feeling good through flu season and all year long. Protecting your body from foreign substances in toxins, bacteria, cancer cells, and other risk-heavy viruses.

To get good immune support melded straight into your daily routine, supplements are a good place to start. You can get the vitamins your body's missing, and benefits from the functional support they offer as well for destroying those harmful substances.

Brain Health

Brain health may not be your first thought for a benefit of good gut health. However, they actually intertwine a great deal to help you feel your best and perform your best when it comes to finishing projects in the workplace, staying on task at school, and anywhere in between.

Cardiovascular and Heart Health

Cardiovascular is a major risk in the United States particularly, and all over the world today. With high-calorie, sugary beverages, meal plans, and new supplements sprouting up every day, there's more and more factors of cardiovascular performance to be mindful of than ever. 

Mood Boost

Mood can drastically change your productivity, health, stress, and sleep. While you may feel those habits all do the opposite and actually shape your mood, they instead work in tandem as they push and pull from one another.

Luckily, boosting your mood is made simple with mushroom support. Naturally improving the communication of your body and mind with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. In fact, there's a whole lot to understand about what makes medicinal mushrooms excellent supplements for helping your gut health stay regulated.

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What are Medicinal Mushrooms?

While medicinal mushrooms are very similar to the average mushrooms you might be having with your meal prep, they go a step further in offering functional value.

For the past several thousand years, medicinal mushrooms have been used in eastern Chinese medicine for their linked healing properties and prebiotic support.

They have been linked as good supplements for protecting the body from free radicals, keeping immunity health strong, acting as a dietary balancer, and improving communication between the body and mind for better overall health and wellness.

What Makes Them Effective Supplements?

Polysaccharides are the foundation of what makes medicinal mushrooms a great option for supplement intake on a daily basis. Powered by beta-glucans and antioxidants power the majority of medicinal mushrooms to offer functional benefits stand on the foundation that their beta-glucan count can be successfully transferred in high levels to supplement forms through clean extraction methods.

As you start to take advantage of medicinal mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and lion's mane, linked benefits you may experience are:

  • Stress relief
  • Better sleep
  • Higher energy
  • Regulated mood
  • Boost in immune function
Together, each of these linked benefits make up a structurally more impactful, productive, and carefree day ahead. 

Are They Safe?

Completely! Medicinal mushrooms are entirely safe as supplements and in a clean, raw form for daily use. As long as you stay within recommended supplement sizes of 200mg-2000mg per day, there are little to no side effects associated with medicinal mushroom use.

However, some rare cases of allergic reactions or mild discomfort include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Liver toxicity
  • Dry mouth
  • Itchy sensations

Still, even in the rare instance that some of these side effects can be sustained, the linked health benefits often well outweigh potential side effects for folks looking to get into mushroom-powered wellness. Additionally, there are zero hallucinogenic effects of medicinal mushrooms.

How Can I Try Medicinal Mushrooms?

Mushroom extract and other forms of medicinal mushroom supplements that can range in serving sizes, daily values, targeted benefits, flavors, and ingredients. In our experience navigating the industry, there are 4 main ways to give medicinal mushrooms a try.

 Medicinal Mushrooms - Health Benefits Troomy Nootropics - Mushroom Gummies

Finding the Best of 4 Different Medicinal Mushroom Supplements to Support Gut Health

Raw Mushrooms

Raw mushrooms are the foundation most folks look to get started with in order to try medicinal mushrooms. They're easier to find today than ever and can be added into all different recipes for delicious, healthy meals.

The trouble with raw mushrooms is the amount of time and effort that goes into getting raw mushrooms and keeping them fresh. Chances are, they won't last more than a couple of weeks when you get them off the shelf at an organic market unless you have a specialized place to store them. This can be a whole lot more expensive than just enjoying mushroom supplements.

Mushroom Powder

As an alternative to raw mushrooms, mushroom powders are a much simpler addition to your usual meal planning. They’re quick and easy, usually will have a bunch of different blends, and can often have at least a month's worth of support in one bag.

However, with mushroom powders, the blends can get a bit convoluted when it comes to getting strong benefits. Since they might have a wide range of mushrooms and a low mg count, there's a less impactful effect from having such low dosages of each mushroom rather than a high dosage of one particular mushroom. Also, caffeine is often added to powder supplements to have more of a boost.

Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee is a common place folks start as well. Delicious, soul-cleansing, and pretty simple to use. Where other supplements might lack in flavor or comfort, coffee is a familiar love for most.

Similar to powders, though, coffee often has caffeine in at as well. Even in mushroom forms, blenders of mushroom coffee add in caffeine manually to give it a bit more of a kick. If you're trying to stay as caffeine free as possible, there's a strong, delicious alternative to try instead.

Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are an awesome place to get started with medicinal mushrooms. With 60 days worth of wellness in one bottle, mushroom gummies are a great route to boost a healthy gut and keep your diet on track, offer delicious flavors, stay accessible, and maintain a clean route to getting the support you're looking for fast.

Beyond the benefits that medicinal mushrooms inherently possess, mushroom gummies set themselves apart in a variety of ways as well.

Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics - Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushroom Support

What Sets Mushroom Gummies Apart?

Caffeine-Free Support

Caffeine’s a huge part of almost every nootropic supplement you can find on the market today. However, when you’re looking to improve your digestive health and well-being, you shouldn’t have to pile on extra mg of caffeine. Fortunately, mushroom gummies offer caffeine-free solutions to boost your gut health and natural energy.

Delicious Flavors

Yummy flavors make adding in supplements or trying new habits that much easier. When you get the blast of what tastes like a candy and almost zero sugar with a ton of health benefits, there's no place better to start with than gummies.

At Troomy, we pride ourselves on delivering impactful mushroom support that also tastes great. Take our Daily blend, for example. Even with 14 different mushrooms for support in every gummy, the strawberry-mango flavor makes getting strong benefits from high mg counts per-mushroom rather than low-concentrations of each mushroom easier than ever.

Customized Around Your Needs

Customizing blends around your needs is a whole lot better than just getting general benefits. While you might need more of a particular vitamin like vitamin B or vitamin D, medicinal mushroom gummies offer particular functional support like Focus, an energy Boost, or better Sleep. 

Luckily, there are five blends you can try today to best suit your needs with Troomy’s mushroom-powered gummies.

Daily Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics - Medicinal Mushroom Support

Try Troomy Today!

Overall, medicinal mushrooms are outstanding as a supplement to start boosting gut health. They’re high in vitamins, linked to cholesterol regulation, better cardiovascular health, intestine performance, and more. Getting support from probiotics, antioxidants, microbes, and beta-glucans overall for better gut health and brain health can take a huge step in the right direction with medicinal mushrooms.

To get started with the benefits of the lion’s mane mushroom, cordyceps, chaga, and others, our Daily blend here at Troomy is a great place to start. Additionally, if you want to target specific health benefits rather than as a daily vitamin, our Focus, Boost, Calm, and Sleep gummies can complete the combo of support you're looking for.

So why wait? Give Troomy’s full lineup a try and find which medicinal mushrooms are the perfect way to find your “True Me” today!

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to cure, diagnose, or prevent disease.

Alex Heining

About the Author

Alex Heining is a major supporter and activist of mushroom-powered wellness, and has been a leader on our Troomy Nootropics team since day one. As a graduate from the University of Oregon and marketer in the Los Angeles area, he constantly aims to increase activity and acquire more knowledge on ever-changing innovations in the fungi industry today.

Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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