Focus: Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies (60-Count)
Troomy FOCUS 60ct - Troomy Nootropics

Focus: Lion's Mane Mushroom Gummies (60-Count)

Elevate your daily efficiency at home in the workplace with Focus. Packed with 400mg of Lion's Mane Mushroom in every gummy, Troomy Focus Gummies are crafted with natural ingredients to support a productive, focused mental state. Grab your jar of 60 passionfruit gummies to find your "True Me" today!
Title: FOCUS

Customer Reviews

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Jason A.
Super high-quality ingredients

I wasn't hesistant about trying but the great blend of ingredients is really what convinced me to give these a try and I'm so glad I did. Thank you!

Nick Z.
i love these gummies!

I'm a college student and sometimes it's hard to get focused in classes, but I really felt like my focus and attention was greatly improved with these. Flavor was great too! Will be ordering regularly and highly recommend these.

Roger T.
Def helped me get in the zone

Love these, seriously! Got nothing but great things to say. Looking forward to trying the other blends.

Yolanda R.
Perfect for getting my day started

Tried taking some of these instead of energy drink and I felt really dialed in. Great work guys!

Eric S.
These actually really help with focus

I took two before I got into work and man was I in the zone. I was actually surpsied. Love it!

Product description


Unlock your true potential with Focus gummies from Troomy Nootropics today. These blends are strategically targeted to use functional mushrooms in your daily routine.

This starts with lion's mane. Lion's mane is one of our superstar starters in the five-gummy lineup we've crafted to reshape your daily routine. Imagine your most productive self with zero brain fog, an easier time recalling memories, fewer distractions, and find yourself there with Focus gummies.

How Can Lion's Mane Help Improve My Wellness Routine?

In addition to adding nutritional support to your daily values, Focus supports function through:

  • Avoid distractions - TVs on in the background, co-workers, and daunting tasks on your mind seemingly disappear when you streamline lion's mane into your workflow.
  • Staying on task - it's easy to start spreading yourself thin across different tasks throughout the day. With lion's mane, you can centralize your focus to one task at a time.

  • Completing assignments faster - work in the classroom, at the office, or projects at home. Lion's mane is perfect for making the whole process just a bit faster.

  • Boosted memory - brain fog sprouts up all the time with how much screen time we have today, how underslept we can be, and our diets. Give yourself a boost to your memory recall fast with lion's mane in Focus.

  • Following lectures, instructions, and project parameters to the 'T' - missing one key detail and losing a sale, promotion, or top grade is frustrating. Avoid those minor detail issues seamlessly.

  • Better gaming performance - We know we've got some gamers out there on Team Troomy, and Focus is the gummy for you. Instantly feel the difference in your aim, comms with teammates, and more.

On top of the wide range of application areas Focus has, you can expect these supercharged lion's mane gummies to have:

  • Delectable tangerine-passionfruit flavors

  • Zero caffeine

  • Vegan-friendly ingredients
  • Soft texture

  • No-stick blends 

Will Lion's Mane Mushrooms Make Me Trip?

No! Our adaptogenic mushrooms we use at Troomy have zero hallucinogenic properties. The only areas we target in our blends are your nutrition, daily body function, and the health of your brain. We wanted to use blends like Focus to create a reliable, clean nootropic that can get lion's mane's benefits into your daily routine fast.

Are They Legal in the United States?

Yes! Adaptogenic mushrooms like lion's mane are entirely legal to use, and are legal in gummy form as well. The real benefit of going for gummies over going to a grocery store is how simple gummies make getting your daily values from lion's mane. The mushroom extracts are all jam-packed into one tight compound gummy to cut out any prep time, add a bit of fruity flavor, and only use all-natural ingredients for a completely legal, delicious nootropic!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why a 60-Count of Mushroom Gummies?

60 gummies is the perfect number for most of us to get through two months of using lion's mane mushroom gummies even if you wanted to use one every single day.

Is Lion's Mane in Every Troomy Blend?

Not every blend. We do use it in our Daily blend as well as Focus, but each of the other three blends have different functions target. Take Boost, for example. Boost uses cordyceps, a sister functional mushroom for increasing your energy and alleviating exercise fatigue.

Are Adaptogenic Mushrooms New?

Nope! They've actually been used in eastern cultures for medicinal use over the past several thousand years. Now, they're just recently being recognized in western cultures, and have a much higher value globally.

How Were the Blends Decided on?

After thorough lab testing and finding the perfect mesh point of other ingredients to make these gummies so delicious, we decided to seek out the biggest needs of each of our team members in their daily routine. Each of us decided we were lacking in one of five main areas: energy, stress regulation, nutrition, sleep, and productivity. That's how we decided on this game-changing combination to put each of these needs into a solution. Now, we have the five-blend lineup you're familiar with on the site today.

The trick is finding which ones to pair with Focus to get the absolute most out of your day, and not waiting to get started. Find your "True Me" with Focus gummies today!

Focus - Lion's Mane Gummies Ingredients

Lion's Mane: Extract of Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Mushroom fruiting bodies & mycelium*

Other Ingredients: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Pectin (Pectin, Maltodextrin, Sodium Potassium Tartrate, Sodium Hexametaphosphate), Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Malate, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Color, Vegetable Oil, Carnauba Wax.

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