Elevate Your Wellness Routine with Our Super Powered Mushrooms

At Troomy, we craft our products with a selection of benefit-rich functional mushrooms that are curated to naturally elevate your wellness routine and help you Find Your "True Me". Stop relying on chemicals manufactured in a lab and nourish your mind and body with Mother Nature's greatest gift–mushrooms!

Explore our premium selection of super-powered mushrooms below and start living better, naturally today!



Lion's mane is a fan-favorite supercharged mushroom that offers support in mental clarity, cognition, immune system function, and protection against neurodegeneration.

Lion's mane in our Focus gummies are perfect for folks in high-performance roles at work, in the classroom, or at home. While boosting cognitive function and brain health, lion's mane has could support keeping your body performing at its peak without any lack of focus. Check out our Focus blend at Troomy, and try Lion's mane-powered mushroom wellness today!

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The "mushroom of immortality" really earns its keep as a daily supplement. Reishi is fantastic for supporting the immune system alongside healthy cardiovascular support, liver function, and detoxifying the body to prepare it for stress and anxiety naturally.

As a supplement in your daily routine, reishi is perfect for powering a lower stress, higher positivity day that provides a natural sense of calm and mood enhancement.

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Cordyceps is an outstanding place to start using mushroom-powered wellness for daily function. With studies showing support for endurance, energy, stamina, and cardiovascular system support, this powerful mushroom is the perfect caterpillar-like supplement to boost body functiom.

Cordyceps could be perfect for athletes, hard workers, and anything that takes a little extra "umph!" Remember, you aren't in this alone when you use functional-mushroom wellness to your advantage, and cordyceps is a great place to start.

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The king of mushrooms? That's quite a title to live up to. Luckily, these burnt-brownie looking mushrooms are chock-full of beta-glucans and triterpenes that can help keep your inflammation down and fight cardiovascular health problems. Since inflammation is rooted in almost all ailments, these supercharged mushrooms can be especially effective in flu season, allergy season, and recovery periods for those returning to work or school from sickness.

Don't wait to feel better when you're sick, your immune system is having a tough time, or your body just needs a pick-me-up. Get back on your feet with the royally-powered chaga mushroom.

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Gobble gobble, here comes turkey tail mushrooms. Another immune system hero known to help fight infections and help your body with a boost of beta-glucans, PSK (polysaccharide-k), and PSP (polysaccharide peptide), turkey tail is the perfect place to start for getting through flu season.

As a base daily supplement, these mushrooms help avoid immune system deficiencies, and less effective reactions to fighting infection. Additionally, they can help avoid long-term ailments with strong anti-cancer properties and liver health-boosting support.

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The cholesterol queen. Maitake can be a wonderful addition to your daily routine for starting new diets, reducing cholesterol, and more. Most of maitake's power root in polysaccharides that can help regulate blood sugar and metabolism alongside antioxidants that keep the body's cells protected from damage and free radicals. It also offers alpha & beta-glucans that can help support your body in fighting off infections.

As a supplement, the queen of cholesterol could be the perfect pairing for those looking to give their body a natural edge today in improving their diet, while also fighting off dangerous infections and viruses.

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