Father's Day Special
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The Fathers Day Bundle

The Fathers Day Bundle

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Oyster Hat Color
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What’s Included in the Bundle?

Troomy Daily:Elevate each day with a blend of 14 of the most powerful functional mushrooms in the world, crafted to enhance cognitive function and promote overall vitality.

 •Troomy Boost: Fuel your workouts/workdays with an extra dose of natural energy and laser focus, streamlined through a powerful combination of cordyceps mushrooms and activating ingredients.

 •Troomy Recovery: Support muscle growth, stress relief, and optimal post-workout recovery with our tandem blend of ashwagandha and reishi mushrooms.

 •Limited Edition Troomy Club Oyster Cap: Engineered with hydrophobic technology on the crown panels designed to bead away water and prevent absorption. Constructed with durable materials, the hats are water-repellent, floatable, and breathable.

The fathers in our lives deserve something special, and this is the path to wellness that’ll make it happen. Make this year a time to feel a little better, look a little better, and perform a little better with our Father’s Day bundle today!