How To Choose The Right Chaga Mushroom Supplement

How To Choose The Right Chaga Mushroom Supplement

Finding the Perfect Superfood Blend for Your Daily Routine Today Made Simple

Chaga mushrooms (or inonotus obliquus) are wildly popular daily supplements today. For health and wellness fiends and office heroes alike, their linked benefits through the science of superfoods has elevated them into the upper echelon of routine planning.

Now, adaptogenic mushrooms are a part of the health and wellness industry that only refers to some of the most nutrient-rich mushrooms in the world. This includes:

Beyond these, there are over 10,000 other species of mushrooms that continue to evolve and be implemented into study for future use in the nootropic space and overall health. The reishi mushroom and lion’s mane have been getting a ton of coverage recently in health and wellness blogs, newspapers, and websites.

Today, we’ll just take a deeper look into what sets chaga apart, as well as the best supplement versions of the mushroom you can give a try with strong functional benefits.

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What are Chaga Mushrooms?

Chaga mushrooms are powerfully nurtured in birch and maple forests, stabilizing powerful antibodies and reliable vitamins in every growth. and are the perfect superfoods to use to elevate your health and wellness routine fast. Powered with fruiting body strength, triterpenes, polysaccharides, and beta-glucans, the parasitic relationship between chaga and its host tree grants valuable support that you can’t find with the average daily supplement off the shelf.

You might find chaga in greater quantities through the northern hemisphere, especially in colder climates like Canada, Siberia, and Russia. It looks almost like a charred bark piece, but often grows out in an extended shape that protrudes from birch trees, maple, and others. The mycelium foundation of chaga is where chaga’s conk has been used in medicinal practices for thousands of years, which is the portion of the mushroom that breaks down its host tree from the inside.

Now, given the commercial quality of chaga, it’s going to be much tougher today to find it in the wild. This goes for most adaptogenic mushrooms like lion’s mane, cordyceps, and others. Cultivated mushroom farms have become far more popularized to avoid confusion with lookalikes, like tinder conk for example, and maintain a consistently higher quality mushroom production.

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What are the Potential Health Benefits of Chaga?

Chaga offers a wide range of health benefits, especially when paired with other top-performing mushrooms in the adaptogenic space.

This starts with their betulinic acid foundation, which is a pentacyclic triterpene sterol. As a natural provider of antiinflamation properties antimalarial effects, betulinic acid is most widely known for fighting HIV-1 activity and cytotoxicity fighting tumor cell lines. Beyond these foundational purposes, inflammation virtually roots in almost every ailment of the body. Reducing inflammation by organic, healthy support supplements like chaga is a great place to gets started with helping your body set a healthier standard.

Take Troomy's Daily for example. We use a blend of 14 different adaptogenic mushrooms (including chaga) to provide a daily-vitamin type mushroom blend for higher quality function, productivity, reduced stress, and more.

But it doesn't end with us. As these mushrooms have been adapted into a huge range of dietary supplements, the benefits of this strong genetic foundation has been applied in higher dosages for a daily routine that have translated into a wide variety of functional benefits today.

Could Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

All of what chaga achieves health-wise starts with its genetic makeup. Starting with beta-D-glucans, you’re going to see a long-term impact on lowering blood sugar levels, which pairs perfectly with keeping your immune system health regulated. Lowering blood sugar levels and keeping them more balanced can be major in keeping your heart and cardiovascular system operating at a healthy level long term.

A handful of studies have been conducted on chaga’s relationship with blood sugar, particularly honing in type 2 diabetes patients. This has elevated the quality of information that's accessible for the chaga mushroom's impact on blood sugar levels, as well as worked to offer a natural support route for patients in need. While it isn't a concrete medicinal support option today, it certainly offers quality assistance. Keep in mind if you are taking any blood thinning medication as well, to consult a physician on using chaga.


Medicinal mushrooms in general usually carry a ton of antioxidant support, and chaga is no different. Antioxidants like polyphenols are plentiful in the average chaga mushroom growth, which make a world of difference when scavenging for free radicals and reducing the potential damage of oxidation.

Immune System Support

Your immune system is pivotal to keeping you at work, in the classroom, and finishing projects on time. If you are constantly sick or are having trouble keeping your health regulated through flu season, chaga mushroom support is a quality route to seek natural help.

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Types of Chaga Mushroom Supplements Available

Chaga mushrooms has both versatility in health benefits, and supplement forms. Since functional mushrooms in general have skyrocketed in popularity, all kinds of new ideas are getting developed daily to ensure that we get the most out of our mushroom-powered wellness, and have blends for all walks of life.

Fortunately, this adds a bit of variety to get you exactly what you’re looking for without forcing you to compromise for a weak coffee blend or a capsule that tastes like medicine.

1. Chaga Mushroom Powder

Extract powders are a popular place to start for most folks to look for mushroom support fast. It can be versatile with the variety of mushrooms it offers, delicious in the flavor blend, and quick to add to a meal or shake with ease.

However, powders can be a bit messy and always need a drink or a meal to be enjoyed. This adds steps and can make it hard to lock in a blend you actually look forward to. Also, powders leave space for unknown additional ingredients or other vitamins to be added in without laser-locking on one set of benefits rather than going for a wide range.

Specialized blends of functional mushrooms can be a game-changer when it comes to your health, and gummies are actually a great example of this.

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2. Chaga Gummies

Chaga gummies are our favorite route here at Troomy to give chaga and other functional mushrooms a try. They make supplements fun, delicious, and a zero-prep addition to your day. The time you spend preparing one mushroom-based recipe in the week can probably equate to a whole month’s worth of time taking gummies.

Additionally, gummy blends like Troomy’s Daily can offer mushroom support without caffeine or processed sugars, which keeps your routine clean while still getting you the support you need. Then, you can try out chaga with a bunch of different mushrooms as well to expedite results for elevating your health and wellness routine fast.

3. Chaga Tinctures

Discuss what Chaga Tinctures are, what they are best used for, and examples of how they are used. For example, take a few drops under the tongue or mix them with a favorite drink.

There are a handful of good chaga tinctures you can try today, but in the case tinctures aren’t your favorite, there’s plenty of other ways to give chaga a chance to be your next routine booster.

Additionally, be on the lookout here for team Troomy to role out tinctures in the near future if that is something you’re looking for!  

4. Chaga Creams

Chaga creams are a bit rarer than most other supplements you might find on the open market with functional mushroom support.

For some of us, though, creams aren’t the way to go when it comes to having an easier day ahead. Putting it on can have a bit of that sticky feeling we all hate, and the added ingredients might offer up a bit less chaga-focus than you’d like in your superfood blend. Also, if you already have moisturizers or other cream blends you apply to your skin, chaga might be a bit overwhelming.

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5. Chaga Mushroom Capsules

Chaga mushroom extract converted into capsules are a popular way you might give nootropics a try, or have tried them in the past. They’re the go-to for most brain-boosting blends of vitamins and caffeine for students and office workers today, and are widely available in all kinds of flavors and blends.

Some folks will pop these into coffee or in their smoothies for the day to get the nutrients layered in with ease. It can dissolve quickly or be a bit tougher to break down, so make sure you take a look at how the capsule reacts when you try dissolving it into your coffee or adding into a smoothie.

Either way, capsules can be hit or miss. If this is your preferred way to get supplements into your diet, by all means, go for it with chaga. However, fruity fun flavors and delicious blends of the mushroom are widely available now. While it may be a bit more time consuming to enjoy a full cup of coffee, a gummy at the very least is a competent alternative that offers the same benefits with additional pros like delicious flavors.

Chaga Mushroom - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

6. Chaga Mushroom Tea & Coffee

Organic mushroom coffee and tea blends are fantastic alternatives to regular coffee. The immune support, antioxidant support, and oxidative stress reduction alone is enough to give chaga a try. But making it a hot water-based, energy-boosting, soul-cleansing blend? Then you can really start to get some traction in elevating how healthy your diet is.

This is a great place to start your day with, and while it might keep you up towards the evening, you can still work it in before the midday slump. Teas are also a simple recipe for cordyceps and chaga to usually give the mushroom a whirl without a ton of work on your own. But if you don’t want to do all the cultivation work yourself and making an effective place for the mushrooms to grow over time, chances are there are easier routes to take to try chaga out.

Tons of mushroom coffee brands have emerged today to make a quality superfood, daily supplement-like blend of mushrooms and wellness. While they’re great products and can offer a strong alternative to your usual cup, keeping caffeine in your diet and getting those midday jitters might not be the alternative you’re really looking for.

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How To Determine if You are Choosing a Quality Chaga Mushroom Supplement

While there are a wide variety of chaga supplements available today, they’re going to vary heavily in quality. You have to be careful how you protect yourself from imitation mushrooms or blends that carry ingredients you want to leave out of your diet.

Active Ingredients

Take caffeine, for example. The vast majority of mushroom coffee blends are going to carry some level of caffeine in them. So if your goal with mushroom coffee is to completely extinguish caffeine from your diet, mushroom blends aren’t always going to be the best option.

These also can pair with fillers often, that make a gluten-free blend more possible, but also impair your diet with an extra level of unnatural blending. Non-gmo, carefully crafted mushroom supplements will make a much bigger difference in how much of the original vitamins and nutrients you’ll be able to get on a consistent basis, rather than one that’s poorly prepared.

Still, there are a handful that will observe the value of avoiding these ingredients, which also can impact the source quality.

Extraction Method

In addition to source quality, extraction methods can diminish the vitamin and protein return from a mushroom drastically when not performed well. Look for products being listed as “double-extracted” or “triple-extracted” on your mushroom supplements. Only a handful of supplements will earn "certified organic” through these methods, so make sure to take that into account when you’re considering organic chaga options.

Overall though, the general extraction methods for most top-performing brands are pretty high standard. Chances are, you usually won’t run into any quality issues with extraction. Just something to keep in mind.

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Every mushroom needs to be safely grown, extracted, and stored in order to provide a risk-free experience. While chaga only has minor side effects in rare instances, health benefits are entirely dependent on if the provider takes care in their mushroom cultivation preparation.

A real difference will be made in cultivate vs wild mushrooms. For example, if chaga is grown on rice in a lab with no connection to a naturally grown tree for nutrients, there’s going to a weaker product in terms of vitamin varieties and proteins.

At Troomy, we take this relationship to the highest standard with our team, and offer only the best gummies on the market. Triple-extracted, organic, caffeine-free gummies that are crafted with your health as a top priority, our Daily, Focus, Calm, Boost, and Sleep blends all suit a different need. Luckily, it's easier than ever to get started.

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Final Thoughts, and Getting Started with Troomy Today!

Overall, chaga mushroom supplements can be a game-changer when you get the perfect blend implemented into your daily routine. There's a wide variety of them out there, and you really can choose based around your needs rather than nootropic restrictions. 

To check them out today, we recommend giving our Daily blend at Troomy. While chaga is one of the leading mushrooms in the blend, it combines 14 total functional mushrooms to get a wide variety of health benefits. As a piece of your daily routine, it offers immune system support, stress relief, energy boosting, and more. If you have any questions about our other mushroom blends, take a look at the rest of our blogs today to learn a bit more!

Depending on what you’re going for, you can attune your mushroom-powered wellness needs to your own functional needs. So why wait? 

Check out chaga-powered mushroom wellness, and find your "True Me" with Troomy today!

DISCLAIMER: the above blog and any claims in it have not been reviewed by a healthcare provider or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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