Beauty from Within: The Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Beauty from Within: The Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Shutting Down Skincare Breakouts with Natural Mushroom Support

Skincare is a vitally important portion of our daily routines, and getting every advantage you can is absolutely essential. At Troomy, we look to chaga mushroom-powered remedies to elevate your skincare routine fast.

As a natural superfood, chaga (or inonotus obliquus) is the first medicinal mushroom we’ll take a deep dive on. It’s a fantastic stabilizer for giving your body and mind the nutrient support it needs to be more productive, increase immune system function, reduce risk of dangerous ailments, and more.

Beyond just chaga, though, we’ve put chaga, reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and a handful of other adaptogenic mushrooms into giving your immune system, skin, and heart the support you need.

On top of the exceptional skin care benefits of functional mushrooms, other linked benefits can include:

  • Antioxidant support

  • Anxiety relief
  • Immune system function

  • Productivity boosts
  • Reducing cholesterol

  • Regulating blood sugar

  • Anti-cancer properties

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the impact on skin care that chaga can have, what sets it apart as a natural health booster, and the quickest routes to getting chaga into your diet without being cumbersome to your usual routine.

Chaga Mushroom - Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms in Action - Troomy nootropics in Whittier, CA

The Powerful Antioxidant Properties of Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms are found all over the northern hemisphere, particularly in colder climates like Canada, Siberia, and others. They develop to almost look like charred bark on maple and birch trees, which supplement their parasitic relationship to grow naturally powerful health benefits in their structure.

The black pigment foundation in chaga carries high levels of antioxidants like beta glucans and polyphenols. These two leading pieces of the genetic composition of chaga are outstanding for lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol, but also have the genetic foundation for oxidative stress reduction and immune system help.

While these properties have led to better sleep, they’re also good for nurturing a more productive, painless day ahead.

How Does Chaga Impact Skin Conditions?

Chaga’s Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), is what majorly sets it apart in skin care. It has been observed to have an ORAC score of 52,000, which sits in the elite upper echelon of all nutrients in the world.

This makes it a great resource for health and skin care. While we still remain in early stages of developing studies on the mushroom, more and more resources are being dedicated to elevating the understanding of chaga fast.

Now, with these areas in mind, our team’s compiled five top reasons to use chaga for your skin care regularly, and boost your overall daily health and wellness with fast mushroom-powered support.

Chaga Mushroom - Skin Care - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA - Health Benefits of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

5 Top Chaga Benefits for Skin

Chaga offers a wide variety of daily health benefits when used consistently, but skincare is one of its most prominently impacted areas. We all strive for that healthy glow and having age-resistant habits for our skin, which chaga falls perfectly in line with.

1. May Protect Skin Against UV Rays

UV rays and skin protection can go a long way when you’re aiming to reduce risk of skin cancer, burns, and maintaining strong melanin levels. Melanin is what gives your skin protection from ultraviolet rays, which also can increase rapidity of aging.

It was found in a 2014 study to carry production-boosting properties after being examined in inhibitory and acceleratory effects. Tyrosinase activity pairs up with melanin formation within b16 melanoma cells for an overall improved relationship with your personal skincare, as well as a rejuvenated, vibrant new look.

While more studies need to be done to confirm the aptitude and strength of chaga as a uv-ray protector from sun spots and skin cancer, it still has been linked at the very least to anti-aging properties. Anti-aging is a quality held by only the most impactful, vitamin-rich, and powerful nootropics today. While helping your skin with sunscreens and balms is always a good start, giving your skin the protection it needs from the inside out is a quality part of having that elevated melanin performance that chaga promotes, in addition to an enzyme foundation that can break up starch and maltose.

Getting each of these benefits and support areas is highly possible with chaga having more melanin than any other natural source, and still being able to easily jump into your daily diet.

2. May Fight Against Acne

Reducing breakouts and risk of acne developing in the average case with “skin whitening” techniques of chaga are a massive help when it comes to keeping your skin clear with a reduced level of skin sensitivity.

Acne can be really difficult to deal with when you don’t have the proper tools. Especially with all-natural help, the results can be hit or miss, especially when it comes to general inflammation surrounding other ailments.

Instead, go with a clinically examined booster like chaga, and feel the difference in your skin’s vitality fast.

Chaga Mushrooms - Health Benefits of Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

3. May Slow the Aging Process (Anti-aging Support)

As we discussed with protection against sun rays, chaga protects in the anti-aging process as well with sun damage for maintaining healthy skin. This support roots in superoxide dismutase (SOD) effects, which could be reducing the impact of extended sun exposure that can impact aging, as well as habits like smoking.

Additionally, aging comes through stress, which has been able to be reduced and softened in effect through oxidative stress relief from chaga skincare and that SOD-based stress tolerance built up through regular use.

4. May Promote Skin Cell Regeneration and Skin Elasticity

When using wild chaga mushroom extracts or raw mushrooms directly in your diet, the vibrance of your skin is heavily impacted in a positive way.

This starts through skin cell regeneration surrounding chaga’s high content of betulinic acid, a strong antitumor and cancer cell fighter. Additionally, betulnic acid promotes higher skin elasticity with collagen production, while simultaneously avoiding inflammation and bacteria.

Overall, remembering to hydrate and keep your skin health maintained with natural boosters like chaga is a fantastic route to elevating your skin’s vibrance while also promoting long term skin elasticity benefits.

5. May Calm Skin Irritation 

Skin irritation causes redness, dryness, and dandruff. While acne and eczema might be the most common, skin care is essential to preventing these kinds of ailments impairing your daily function.

Since chaga has a strong betulinic acid foundation, these are the type of compounds that reduce the risk of skin conditions developing. These conditions may include:

  • Acne

  • Shingles

  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema)

  • Psoriasis

  • Hives

  • Contact Dermatitis

  • Rosacea

While there hasn’t been direct evidence of chaga eliminating each of these skin conditions, their connection through chaga skin cream blends and other supplements is well worth the investment based on initial research.

Even beyond creams and other quickly applicable supplements for the skin, there’s a variety of other ways you can add chaga mushrooms into your day with ease.

Health Benefits of Adaptogenic Mushrooms - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA -  Chaga Mushroom

Best Ways To Use Chaga Mushroom Benefits in Your Everyday Routine

Chaga can be used in a higher variety of routes today than even just 10 years ago. Teas, coffees, gummies, and tinctures make up a powerful variety of ways to functionally power your productivity, nutrition, and more with just one blast of mushroom-powered wellness.

Raw Mushrooms

Raw mushrooms is s a strong foundational route to getting started with functional support. This gets you benefits straight from the earth with zero added properties like caffeine you might find in coffee. You can work them into your diet through new recipes, while also getting familiar with other functional mushrooms on the shelf in the grocery store.

However, they can take a ton of extra work on your part to get consistent with. Cooking, drying, and growing them yourself have a load of steps that could be a bit cumbersome to your usual routine.

Coffees and Teas

Drinking chaga through coffees and teas has become widely popular today. It expedites the whole process of adding the mushroom as a supplement into a soul-cleaning, familiar daily activity like your morning cup.

The thing is, this still takes prep time, and will also have some of the same ingredients as regular coffee in most blends. That includes caffeine. If your goal of using mushroom drinks is to bounce caffeine out of your day, chances are that you


Tinctures have been a reliable supplement route for some time in the mushroom-powered wellness world. They’re flavorful, fast acting, and are quick to add into your routine without skipping a beat. Additionally, they often offer a variety of blends to check a ton of boxes without completely changing your diet or nutrition.


Gummies are our perfect balance for quality that are more flavorful than most mushroom powders, faster than mushroom coffee, and hassle-free compared to raw mushrooms.

Today, gummies are easier than ever to get started with when you check out Troomy Nootropics. Our five supercharged mushroom gummy blends are perfect for completely reinventing your daily routine.

Daily Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA - Chaga Health Benefits

What Sets Troomy’s Chaga Mushroom Gummies Apart?


Getting two months worth of functional support with one set of mushrooms is a value you can’t get with raw mushrooms. Extended shelf life with extract forms and nutrient-driven support can make all the difference.

Natural Ingredients

Using only natural ingredients, our mushroom blends at Troomy remain entirely organic and are caffeine free.

Delicious Flavor

Flavor means a lot for nootropics and supplements in general. It can make or break what you look forward to each time you have them in your day.

Luckily, Troomy's dedicated to offering fruity & fun flavors in each of our five blends. Daily, for example, uses chaga mushrooms to power your daily routine at a much higher level with strawberry and mango flavors. 

Customized Around Your Needs

Functional support isn’t easy to get when you’re stuck with general vitamins. We use our Daily blend as a foundation gummy, but our other mushroom blends like Focus and Calm fit particular needs for productivity and stress relief.

Daily Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA - Chaga Mushroom

Takeaways, and Getting Started with Troomy Today!

Overall, Troomy’s a great place to get introduced to the skin care benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms like chaga. We take the chaga mushroom extract you need to get quality benefits fast with zero prep time, delicious flavors, and all of the nutrients you’re looking for.

As a starting blend, we recommend you give Daily a try as you get more familiar with functional mushrooms. This combination of 14 mushrooms gets you chaga support for your skin care, as well as 13 other high-functioning mushrooms (like lion’s mane or cordyceps) for elevating the effectiveness of your daily routine.

So why wait? Give Troomy a try and get quality skin care health benefits today.

DISCLAIMER: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not reviewed the above claims about adaptogenic mushrooms or chaga mushrooms.

Alex Heining

About the Author

Alex Heining is a major supporter and activist of mushroom-powered wellness, and has been a leader on our Troomy Nootropics team since day one. As a graduate from the University of Oregon and marketer in the Los Angeles area, he constantly aims to increase activity and acquire more knowledge on ever-changing innovations in the fungi industry today.

Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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