4 Reasons Why Reishi Should Be Your Next Superfood Supplement

4 Reasons Why Reishi Should Be Your Next Superfood Supplement

The Reishi Mushroom: Soul Cleansing, Naturally Healthy Superfood

You may not have ever heard of the reishi mushroom supplements that have recently skyrocketed into popularity. Although they've widely been accepted for their healing and adaptogenic properties in eastern cultures for centuries, 

Mushroom powders and other supplements like mushroom gummies have burst onto the scene, and now are firmly reshaping the health and wellness world.

With Troomy Nootropics, we've used reishi mushrooms to create Calm and Sleep blends. Calm aims to use natural, organic ingredients paired with reishi to offer natural stress relief and anxiety support. With Sleep, we use reishi mushrooms as a body stress reliever to pair with naturally-occuring melatonin, which creates a reliable sleep supplement.

Both of these blends can go a long way for their targeted functions, and also offer a wealth of additional support areas as well. Today, we'll highlight what makes the reishi mushroom adaptogenic, four of those main target areas surrounding it, and how to best incorporate these mushrooms into your diet fast.

 Reishi Mushrooms - Adaptogenic Mushroom support with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

What's an Adaptogenic Mushroom?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are top-performing mushrooms that you might not find at your average grocery store. They go above and beyond having strong vitamins, minerals, and proteins by offering functional use in every species. This comes through what's called the production of nerve growth factor, impacting neuron growth and the overall mitochondrial functionality. Basically, this simplifies to a more focused, performance-driven cognitive function to boost your daily output. This can be relieving stress, amping up your energy, elevating your focus, and more.

The best part is? With other natural ingredients included, you can adjust this to target a relieved state of mind, de-stressing before bed, or just general stress support through your day. That translates to function-driven blends that only give you what you need, not just some general vitamin blend for "health benefits."

Take reishi, for example. In a handful of studies, reishi mushrooms have been linked to stress relief and boosting anxiety relief, which is a perfect place to start. At the same time, reishi pairs well with other natural superfoods and vitamins to create sleep support as well, which can be a whole different functional area you take advantage of once you're more familiar with the mushroom.

Then, you can give others like lion's mane mushroom a try, and pair them together for stronger support. Lion's mane is known as one of the top-performing adaptogenic mushrooms for energy and focus boosting. They're perfect for extending your productivity and helping you feel your best doing it.

As you get used to using them and find a routine, you'll only see the impact increase in how they support exercise, productivity, stress relief, and more. This allows your body can regulate each target function with ease, making your daily routine that much easier.

Are Reishi Mushrooms Safe?

Absolutely! If you've been watching The Last of Us, you might have seen reishi's sister mushroom cordyceps turn some folks into clickers, but neither reishi or cordyceps could start the apocalypse (at least today, it couldn't.)

What's the Perfect Dosage of Reishi Mushrooms?

This will all depend on the person, but we at least have a range for you to start with. You can start with anywhere between 400mg to 2,000 mg with at least a 20% or so beta-glucan content for the best immune system, stress relief and function support in your day.

However, these of course have room for variability depending on the users diet, exercise, current stress levels, etc. You should expect to take a bit of time before you find the perfect dosage for your needs. As for the needs you can target, we've found four crucial areas that you should think to use reishi for in order to get daily support. 

Reishi Mushroom Dosage - Troomy Nootropics Mushroom Gummies - Boosting Daily Function in Whittier, CA

4 Reasons to Start with Reishi Mushrooms Today

4: Better Sleep Health

Sleep health can completely change how you approach your day. When you're not getting enough consistent, restful sleep, you can start to feel:

  • More irritable
  • Struggle with keeping focus
  • Constantly have brain fog
  • Lose track of time and have difficulty with memory

 These traits overall can promote a much less productive lifestyle, and drive down your inner peace. Luckily, reishi mushrooms are a reliable, all-natural way around these struggles.

In a recent study on the impact of the reishi mushroom's impact on sleep, reishi was connected to "anti-insomnia" effect that creates more restful sleep for the users. This can be a instant-impact, quick-switch supplement that doesn't take weeks or months of use to really start making a change. You can quickly get some of that much needed help to wind down at night, and also tack on some quality vitamin and protein support as well.

3: Natural, Simple Stress Relief

Reducing your anxiety and suppressing natural stressors is a constant battle for most of us. You can go from having a strong, productive day at work to feeling far less effective than usual and losing sight of what was keeping you on task.

With reishi, you can reduce your stress with only natural ingredients that won't leave you jittery or hyped up on sugar, but instead at a naturally calmer state, as inflammation tension gradually are relieved.

2: Heart, Cardiovascular Health, and Anti-Cancer Support

Blood pressure and cardiovascular health in general can impact so many other factors of your daily health. Breathing, feeling comfortable, and just being able to control your sense of peace. One of the most important areas to target is heart disease, in particular.

Heart disease is a rampant cardiovascular disease today that you have to be as proactive as possible in preventing. Diet, exercise, sleep habits, every aspect of your daily routine has a massive impact on your heart's health.

Keeping these habits consistent starts with supporting yourself, and reishi mushrooms are a great way to achieve that. They offer:

Additionally, anti-cancer properties in reishi have been linked in natural cancer treatment methods. These superfoods can act as a natural neutralizer that aims to avoid cancer while your body stabilizes cell growth and feels more naturally empowered.

1: Immune System Support, Inflammation and Body Regulation

Everyone hates getting sick. It can completely throw off the workflow you've been in and set you back on major projects fast. Overall, your health is always your biggest resource, and you have to be able to rely on it comfortably.

The best way to do that is being proactive on keeping your immune system strong and building up natural protection.

Having your immune system at peak performance can be vital all through flu season and beyond. You probably don't think about it much, but our immune system's ability to recover and protect itself year round can be a game-changing addition to your lifestyle.

The real trick just comes down to working these mushrooms in quickly with your diet, and feeling good doing it.

Reishi Mushroom - Adaptogenic Mushroom Powder - Mushroom Extracts in Gummies with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

What's the Best Way to Try Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Raw Mushrooms

 Raw mushrooms are where most of us will probably jump to if you think of mushrooms. You can cook up reishi and add it to a variety of plant-based mushroom recipes, 

However, the thing is that these get to be really time consuming when you're giving 'em a try. Especially in the early going when you're figuring out what recipes you like and which mushrooms are best for your diet. That's where most folks have gone off the main path to find supplements that suit their fast-paced lifestyles a bit better.

Mushroom Powder and Coffee Supplements

Tons of folks have started working towards mushroom coffee as their new daily cup, or tried mushroom powders to pop into their meal. This takes advantage of the convenience in supplements with all of the same benefits that mushroom extracts offer.

The thing with coffee? Most blends are going to be packed with caffeine. That means you're still going to crash in the afternoon and end up finishing off the day dragging. This minimizes the healthy appeal of adaptogenic mushrooms in general, as their natural support for de-stressing shouldn't be something that also amps you up. Additionally, the blend can have that earthy mushroom flavor none of us really look forward to, which will push you away from daily usage without added sugars. That's where mushroom gummies can really make the difference.

Mushroom Gummies

This is the perfect medium between supplements and having raw mushrooms on their own or in a recipe. You can get all the power of adaptogenic mushroom extract fast with none of the extra store trips or meal planning.

Additionally, with our gummies at Troomy, we've strategically crafted our mushroom gummies to quickly elevate your days from the first morning on once you get started with Calm.

Calm Mushroom Gummies - Reishi mushrooms for boosting daily activity - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

What Sets Troomy's ÔĽŅCalm¬†Mushroom Gummies Apart?

No Added Sugars or Caffeine

When we say it's a healthy blend, we mean it. We don't want you to have to cut into any diet restrictions you've had, and still be able to enjoy your supplement support.

That's why we've blended our gummies using organic ingredients that save you from afternoon crash by pulling all added sugars and never adding caffeine. Then, you can feel stress free and get better sleep at ease.

Zero Prep Time or Hassle

Half the frustration of having supplements consistently is finding time every day to work them in with all the other tasks you have to take care of. Food prep, getting your household ready for the day, work notes, it all adds up fast.

That's why we converted our mushroom extracts into quick, reliable and healthy gummies. Calm offers you that immune system support and stress relief with zero hassle. Just grab a gummy and go.

Wallet-Friendly Value

Adaptogenic mushrooms can get expensive when you're trying to add them as a regular part of your diet. You might have to get a little creative with making them last, and keeping their shelf life in mind, it's never easy to have them on-hand at all times.

Luckily, mushroom gummies are able to get two whole months worth of mushrooms into just one bottle. That saves you hundreds at minimum, and can move up to thousands when adaptogenic mushrooms become a routine piece of your day. 

Customized to Your Needs

While adaptogenic mushrooms can inherently be used to target different needs, mushroom gummies take it an extra step. Take Calm, for example. We've jampacked reishi extract to an optimal dosage for targeting stress and anxiety relief, while also keeping a blast of fruity flavor that has zero added sugars. That way you can stay in-tune with any diet goals you might have, and still get that same mushroom value.

 Luckily, it's easier than ever to get started.

Reishi Mushrooms - Adaptogenic Mushrooms for Boosting Daily Function - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Give Troomy Nootropics' Reishi Mushroom Gummies a Try Today!

 Overall, it's a great time to give reishi mushrooms a whirl. They're an incredible daily supplement that the western world is finally getting acclimated with, and soon will be on even more shelves with powder supplements, gummies, and raw mushroom forms.

Today, we'd recommend giving Calm a try. While Sleep might be a better option for folks that want more restful, consistent sleep habits, stress and anxiety support might be the best place to start.

And if you're still looking to learn a bit more about the adaptogenic mushrooms we use or want to give the other blends a try, you can always find them here. So why wait?

Get started with Troomy Nootropics today, and start your path to finding your "True Me!"

Alex Heining

About the Author

Alex Heining is a major supporter and activist of mushroom-powered wellness, and has been a leader on our Troomy Nootropics team since day one. As a graduate from the University of Oregon and marketer in the Los Angeles area, he constantly aims to increase activity and acquire more knowledge on ever-changing innovations in the fungi industry today.

Over our first year as a company, he‚Äôs combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he‚Äôs in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he‚Äôll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your ‚ÄúTrue Me‚ÄĚ with Troomy.


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