What's Going on with Medicinal Mushrooms Today?

Medicinal Mushrooms - Health Benefits of Nootropics

Superfoods for Supercharging a More Productive Day Ahead

While we don't know what the deal is with airline food, we know exactly what the deal is with medicinal mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms have been in the news a ton lately, and are widely being recognized today for their vitamins, proteins, and functional powers to elevate your daily activity. Now, instead of just being rare mushrooms you see in a handful of organic grocery stores, they are use in supplement form all over the world.

Magic mushrooms, functional, adaptogenic. What does it all mean?

Magic Mushrooms - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Going Beyond Cooking with Mushrooms

With over 14,000 species of fungi recognized today, there's a huge variety of mushrooms to cook with, try in supplements, or even some instances of magic mushrooms. 

You might be familiar with white button, shiitake, and other mushrooms found in most kitchens. But lion's mane, chaga, and reishi? It's a whole different ball game when it comes to mushroom powered wellness.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal on the Street Now?

NO. Not really, at least. You're not going to see people just popping magic 'shrooms at their convenience. In a handful of cities, however, legal bans have been lifted. For example, magic mushrooms were recently decriminalized in San Francisco, which means that psilocybin, ibogaine, and DMT all fall under that umbrella of question marks in future health regulations and changes.

Now, magic mushrooms are a whole lot different than their medicinal mushroom counterparts that have been used all over the world for thousands of years. Chaga, reishi, and lion's mane are entirely safe to use, and have important distinctions you should be familiar with before entering the mushroom-powered wellness world.

Magic Mushrooms - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms vs Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms will not have much of an impact on most of our daily experiences. Since they're illegal in most of the world, it's rare to find them and use them.

In contrast, if you're looking for a fun trip or a Spicoli-like experience, medicinal mushrooms are not the way to go. These purely serve functional use with vitamins and nutritional values. Tacking them on as daily supplements has become a widely popularized route to mushroom-powered wellness and better focus, energy, moods, and more.

How are Medicinal Mushrooms Different?

To start, they have zero hallucinogenic properties. You're not going to start seeing aliens and wizards flying around if you pop a couple turkey tail, lion's mane or cordyceps mushroom supplements.

Instead, these are functionally boosting natural supplements. They're some of the best naturally available mushrooms on the market, and are recognized all over the world for their health support properties.

Can They Support My Health and Wellness?

Yes! Adaptogenic mushrooms are fantastic routes to keep your health and wellness routine consistent. They offer daily nutritional values in vitamins and minerals, while also targeting boosting performance, productivity, sleep habits, and more.

Chaga Mushrooms - Health Benefits of Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Health Benefits Linked to Regular Medicinal Mushroom Use

Increased Focus

Stress getting you down and overworked? Don't worry. We've all been there. Projects feel like they're just never going to get finished, studying seems endless, and the kids are just never settling down when they need to.

Luckily, medicinal mushrooms are perfect for supporting better cognitive function to help you stay on task and push through all those deterrents. Take lion's mane, for example.

Sleep Support

Sleep habits are tough to get consistent for so many people. You might have screen time factoring into relaxing fully, and caffeine keeping your day going might be a struggle as well. Even your diet can impact your sleep a ton.

Take note of the vitamins and nutrients you're getting in meals regularly today, as well as where your diet may be lacking. Then you can start formulating a plan of adding supplements and vitamins around your diet while you adjust it to better align with your new health and wellness needs.

Reishi (or ganoderma lucidum), for one, is a great daily supplement to work in for sleep support. It offers oxidative stress relief that naturally calms the body and keeps it performing at its best. When taken just before bed, your body is able to stabilize and reach a healthy point of rest faster without feeling groggy the next day.

All-Day Energy Stamina Boost

If your day starts dragging around 1-2 in the afternoon, these are the right supplements for you. 

Getting energy for the day ahead without caffeine might sound impossible for most. We all rely heavily on coffee, energy drinks, and sugar-packed caffeine concoctions. Luckily, functional mushrooms make it happen fast, and with zero dangerous additives.

Take cordyceps, for example. Cordyceps mushrooms have been linked to elevating fitness performance, blood circulation, and overall cardiovascular health that creates raw energy for the body to consume. Additionally, fatigue could be fiercely fought with the beta-glucan foundational composition of mushrooms like cordyceps and lion's mane, which offer incredible daily nutrients for the body overall.

Even beyond these core areas, there's a whole wealth of other benefitted areas medicinal mushrooms can work into your day. 

Daily Mushroom Supplements - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA - Health Benefits

What's the Best Way to Get Functional, Adaptogenic Mushrooms into My Diet?

Raw Mushrooms

These are harder to find but definitely useful for fun new recipes. If you want nutritionally strong and vitamin-rich additions to your meal prep, this is the route to go.

The only tough part is keeping them fresh, finding recipes you like, and cutting costs well enough to keep them in the house regularly. This is where most folks have shifted over to mushroom supplements instead.

Mushroom Powders

Mushroom powders are a solid alternative to raw mushrooms. They're faster, easier to use, and still get a ton of the same health benefits. Additionally, these can work in a variety of mushrooms to spread your reach for health benefits.

The only downsides are they can be messy, still require prep time, and don't always taste the best. Having an earthy-tasting supplement isn't the easiest to look forward to, and you still will have to throw a meal or a shake together. Chances are, gummies are the way to go if you're looking for a mushroom supplement to try.

Mushroom Gummies

At Troomy, we see mushroom gummies as the perfect middle ground. You get the same quality benefits of mushroom extract in a tea or powder with none of the hassle or prep time.

Troomy Nootropics - Mushroom Gummies - Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Why are Mushroom Gummies Better Than Other Mushroom Supplements?

Caffeine-Free Support

A handful of the most impactful medicinal mushrooms offer raw energy to increase your daily productivity, mood, and energy with zero caffeine. This makes mushroom gummies a much cleaner route than a coffee or powder blend loaded with additives like caffeine.

Zero Prep Time

Having the ability to take these on the go and not have to do any kind of prep work is a stress-free way to get your vitamins and minerals into the morning, evening, and afternoon of your day. Just grab a gummy and go.

Delicious Flavors

Fruity flavors make everything more fun. Especially if you're not looking forward to using supplements usually, having a fun flavor to look forward to every day makes keeping yourself healthy and accountable a whole lot easier.

Customized Around Needs

While raw mushrooms like lion's mane and chaga are great to get general support for your health, mushroom gummies are put into blends completely honed around specific needs. At Troomy, we customize them into five blends to focus on each part of your day that might be a struggle. 

Our current blends are:

While each of these gummies are effective, it all depends on your needs and what you're looking for with medicinal mushrooms. Luckily today, it's easier than ever to get started.

Daily Mushrooms - Health Benefits - Medicinal Mushrooms - Troomy Nootropics

Getting Started with Troomy Mushroom Gummies Today!

Overall, there's a whole world of mushroom use today in different supplements and recipes that you might want to try. While that can be a great intro to using these fungi and their benefits, mushroom gummies are our favorite place to start with mushroom-powered wellness. 

At Troomy, we recommend giving our Daily blend a try today. It's a powerful blend of 14 different mushrooms into one delicious strawberry-mango gummy that has zero caffeine, processed sugars, or any earthy flavors. 

So why wait to give 'em a try? Find your "True Me" with Troomy Nootropics mushroom gummies today!

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Over our first year as a company, he‚Äôs combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he‚Äôs in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he‚Äôll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your ‚ÄúTrue Me‚ÄĚ with Troomy.


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