What Are Chaga Mushrooms? The Power Behind This Mushroom Superfood

What Are Chaga Mushrooms? The Power Behind This Mushroom Superfood

The Superfood Supplement We've All Been Looking for

The chaga mushroom (inonotus obliquus) goes by some common names and some not-so common. By whatever moniker you may have heard it used, it’s become a high-quality adaptogenic mushroom solution for diet and daily function boosting today.

On top of chaga, adaptogenic mushrooms have become widely available across the board. This includes:

With their wild names and extreme health benefits, you’d think they’d be a little bit better known.

Instead, folk medicine used to be the primary route that mushrooms were recognized for their medicinal value. That lasted for thousands of years in eastern medicine, and just recently, it’s been recognized academically that each of these mushrooms offers a variety of health benefits linked to clinical study results. This further validates the real-world application of mushrooms for medicinal properties.

As this research has been acquired, more and more folks have started jumping on the chaga chaga Troo Troo train with Troomy, and used its superfood abilities to kickstart a more healthy, and productive day overall.

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes that possible using only the chaga mushroom, organic ingredients, and natural flavors to create a delicious gummy.

Chaga Mushroom - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Where is The Chaga Mushroom From?

Found for the most part in the northern hemisphere, you can often seek out chaga mushrooms on birch trees in Russia, Canada, and some parts of Europe. When you’re looking for Chaga mushroom, they have been found in their natural state as a cause for trunk rot in paper birch trees. This usually can look a whole lot like a burned-up piece of the tree, which should be noticeable enough to be studied and utilized. However, that was only done in folk cultures for years, which minimized its advancement into the average corner store.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to make some huge trek to get mushroom support today. Chaga mushroom extract and powders have been made widely available all over the world now, especially in online shops, health & wellness stores, pop-ups, and more. Chaga Mushroom - Health Benefits - Science of Troomy Nootropics Mushroom Gummies in Whittier, CA

Are There Science to Back Up Health Benefits in Chaga Mushrooms?

As a foundational study of the mushroom, chaga was observed in relation to oxidative stress in animal studies and oxidative DNA damage as well. This deemed it to have medicinal mushroom properties, and actually elevate daily function.

This started with studies being conducted around physical performance in fitness, as well as brain-boosting in the workplace/classroom to get the most productivity possible out of your day.

As a leading adaptogenic mushroom, these little fungi found in Siberia rely primarily on antioxidants and beta-glucans to create reliable health benefits. However, these extend deep into proactive support as well, including reducing the risk of neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s disease.

Triterpenoids are another of chaga’s leading bioactive components that are a portion of the sterile conk in the fungus. This is the portion of the mushroom connected to immune system support, and are a mainstay extract target for blenders like Troomy.

Chaga Mushroom - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA - Health Benefits

Health Benefits Of Chaga Mushrooms

The chaga mushroom has been chalked up to having quality daily health benefits for years in eastern cultures, but now has the science to back it.

6. Cancer Risk Reduction

Cancer care has had some major developments with the numerous studies surrounding chaga mushrooms.

Being proactive about protecting your body and staying healthy is vital for cancer health, while keeping cancer cell growth limited. A handful of studies have connected chaga to preventing cancer growth, one being in liver cells. Liver cancer risk support alone could be enough for chaga mushrooms to be a worthy daily supplement alone, while the antitumor activity that the mushroom also promotes is what can set it apart longterm.

Overall, creating antitumor activity is absolutely vital for cancer cells to slow growth and to help your body stay balanced with all the ailments you might be dealing with.

5. Inflammation Regulation

Inflammation roots in the majority of ailments. Having chaga mushrooms regularly in your diet could be a major support to reducing the amount of inflammation that impacts your daily function.

Generally, inflammation stems when white blood cells enter the bloodstream for protection from outside danger, causing swelling, tightness, and other factors to impair your day. While this is a natural part of the healing process, reducing inflammation could be a solid way to resolve pain and keep your body in a more comfortable state.

While chaga isn’t exactly inflammation medicine, it could provide quality support for the beneficial effects in place, while also making daily activity more comfortable.

4. Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol impacts blood sugar levels, as both can turn higher cholesterol into a major struggle for your cardiovascular health. This starts with beta-glucans in the body, which are rooted in the power of chaga mushrooms that could lower blood sugar levels at a consistent rate.

Additionally, what we call “bad” cholesterol is the primary area that’s positively affected by chaga, as well as triglycerides, and an increase in antioxidant levels.

For the most part, folks don’t exactly target chaga use for this main reason, but it’s always a good addition when it comes to keeping your health support consistent.

3. Antioxidant Support

Antioxidants are important for keeping your cells protected from free radicals. These free radicals can destroy macromolecules that cause cell damage and can create homeostatic disruption.

These can be perfect for virtually any diet and health needs, but are particularly impactful for folks that also might need support with their gut health,digestion, and immune system.

2. Digestion, Gut Health

Digestion and gut health is majorly important for keeping you feeling your best. Chaga can be great for digestive function, helping your body feel more comfortable for getting foods broken up.

Pairing up chaga with good eating habits is always an added bonus as well, since mushrooms can be a quality addition to any diet with low calories, high vitamins and quality proteins.

1. Immune System Support

Regardless of if you’re in a cold climate, your immune system absolutely needs to be at peak performance year-round, regardless of if it’s flu season or not. Getting off your game with a few days in bed can really desync your workflow, school work, and life at home.

For most folks, immune system support is something we could all use a bit more help with. Chaga mushrooms streamline that experience and give you natural support to get through colds, proactively protect yourself from flu season, and more. 

Chaga Mushroom - Adaptogenic Mushroom - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

How to Incorporate Chaga into Your Diet?

Raw Mushrooms

Raw chaga is easier to find today than ever before as a dietary supplement (in an extract form or gummy), or just off the shelf at the grocery store. Additionally, you can try new mushroom-based recipes that toss in raw, cooked, or dry mushrooms for fast health benefits in meals, chaga teas, coffees, and more.

However, raw mushrooms are a whole lot more work than supplements. Teas and coffees also can just add hot water usually and be ready to go, while others need to be blended heavily or suggest adding sugars. That’s where organic gummies, tinctures, and similar chaga mushroom extract supplements can really set themselves apart.

Mushroom Supplements

Additionally, they can be taken on the go easily. For example, a tincture takes seconds to dissolve and activate, while a fruity gummy like Daily is one grab-and-go route to get started with adaptogenic mushrooms quickly.

Overall, it’s pretty simple in 2023 to try chaga mushrooms in your daily routine. This variety of routes you can go opens several doors for your daily routine to improve. Additionally, with that added level of speed, you can see your whole development in work, school, or anywhere in between elevate.

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Chaga Mushroom: Risks To Make Note Of

Chaga mushrooms and all adaptogenic mushrooms really have minimal risk as long as you stay within the directed intake values of mushroom supplements and raw mushrooms. However, at-risk folks might include anyone using blood-thinner-based medications. Additionally, those with low blood sugar levels, on diaebtes medication, or actively breastfeeding should be These medications can be deterimental to causing risk of bleeding after or during surgery, or if you have a bleeding disorder.

Additionally, adaptogenic mushrooms will cause allergic reactions on occasion. In some, rare cases, chaga can cause a change in heart rate, loss of consciousness, and trouble breathing. If you have any issues that arise or feel at risk for these conditions, consult a medical professional before using chaga mushrooms in your diet. Also, inquire about how it may interact with other mushrooms, herbs, and supplements you’re currently taking. Chaga mushrooms ingested at higher dosages have been linked to cause acute oxalate nephropathy. This is directly connected to kidney damage, and also can interfere with blood clotting. Be mindful as you begin taking chaga if such results do pop up.

Still, the majority of folks using chaga mushrooms will never see such side effects. The health benefits that have been linked to chaga far outweigh the rare side effects for most, and have become quality benefits for us to work into our days todady.

Reminder: This is not professional medical advice reviewed by a healthcare professional!

Chaga Mushroom - Health Benefits of Mushrooms - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Chaga Mushroom Dosage Recommendations

Getting the perfect dosage for chaga will come down to a few factors. Your current diet, exercise, age, and ailments you’re aiming to support.

For example, the average adult shouldn’t exceed 2000mg in their introduction to the mushroom. Starting around 200mg-800mg is a solid way to work up and elevate to a higher dosage slowly over time. It's still important to avoid taking too much chaga, but as we covered before, most folks don't experience a ton of side effects even in higher dosages.

Is Chaga Going to Make Me Trip Out?

No! Adaptogenic mushrooms like chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps have zero hallucinogenic properties. You don’t have to worry about seeing your house change colors once you start incorporating chaga into your daily routine.

Skin Health vs Cancer

Numerous studies have been conducted around chaga mushroom extract performance with supporting better skin health as well. This has led to a reliable dosage of chaga to hover around 450mg to start with these ailments, and increasing as necessary when you continue using the supplement.

Of course, these numbers can vary since chaga has ongoing testing. As we continue to hone our craft as blenders of superfood nootropics, we offer a quality, constantly-improving gummy blend of 14 mushrooms today called Daily. 

Daily Mushroom Blend - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Getting Started with Troomy Nootropics Today!

Overall, chaga mushrooms are a fantastic place to get introduced to adaptogenic support from natural sources. Chaga mushroom extract is widely available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Tinctures, gummies, capsules, and more. Luckily, trying chaga supplements is easier today than ever before.

At Troomy, we recommend giving our Daily blend a try. It’s a powerful way to jumpstart using chaga along with 13 other top-performing adaptogenic mushrooms today.

So why wait? Start finding your “True Me” with Troomy!

DISCLAIMER: None of the above claims have been review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or a healthcare provider.

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Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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