The Tremella Mushroom: Uses, Benefits, and More

Tremella Mushrooms - Troomy Nootropics - Health Benefits

The Tremella Mushroom: Your Next Superfood for Daily Supplement Use

Everyone's looking for ways to get ahead with their health and wellness routine. Whether you're looking to improve your skin care, sleep habits, energy, or mood, there's always something we could all be doing just a little better.

Fortunately, there are natural routes to get quick support with those needs. Medicinal mushrooms are a quality, proven route to getting more health conscious and proactively protecting your body's best interests.

At Troomy, we've made it our mission to provide nootropic supplements that are accessible, affordable, good for you, and delicious. With tremella mushrooms in our newest Shine blend for Troomy+, these supplements offer a whole lot of daily values in just one tasty little punch-packing gummy. Today, we'll take a deep dive into those benefits that the tremella mushroom offers, how to best get them, and the long-term impact that medicinal mushroom use might have on the body.

Troomy - Health Benefits - Tremella Mushrooms

Overview of the Tremella Mushroom

Tremella (otherwise known as the snow fungus) has made a huge impact on the health and wellness world as of late. Despite being a part of medicinal mushroom support for the past several thousand years in Eastern cultures, only recently have mushrooms made their way west into medicinal applications and therapies. Still, the lengthy past of snow mushroom support offers a really strong array of benefits that can potentially sprout from regularly using mushroom extract.

The tremella mushroom is also known as Shiro Kikurage in Japanese medicinal culture, which translates to "white tree jellyfish." The white jelly mushroom has been recognized the power of medicinal mushrooms to offer potential health benefits in:

  • Stress relief

  • Cognitive function

  • Mood

  • Sleep habits

  • Immune system function

While each of these benefits are exceptional to get with a balanced mushroom diet, not every medicinal mushroom is built to offer a complete routine shift. You might have heard of other medicinal mushrooms like chaga or reishi, which is important to distinguish the differences from when you're starting with tremella.

If you are looking to give other mushrooms a try and diversify the wellness support you're aiming to get, blends like Calm or Daily from Troomy might be a good place to start. These aren't necessarily beauty mushroom, but they are good as counterparts to the silver ear mushrooms you'll be trying with Shine. 

The many monikers of tremella mushrooms

Silver ear mushroom, snow fungus, white jelly mushroom, any number of names you might have heard from other health and wellness folks. Regardless of which one you're familiar with, the silver ear fungus we've all grown to love in the medicinal mushroom world has been an outstanding resource for several years now. We'll simply refer to it as tremella (or tremella extract) from here on out, and outline the benefits it creates with glowing skin and other health benefits.

For those of us that are new to the medicinal mushroom world, tremella might look a bit like lion's mane mushroom. While they both are very unique-looking fungi, they carry a host of different benefits and uses. Lion's mane is more tightly connected to cognitive function and brain health. These benefits are excellent for a wealth of reasons, and together combine using the power of fruiting bodies mainly to offer functional support.

Fruiting body support for tremella mushroom benefits

Fruiting bodies are where medicinal mushrooms get a ton of their power for daily use. These were found for the most part in traditional Chinese medicine, and have expanded use beyond function as a "beauty mushroom." This is due to how the benefits of tremella mushrooms extends so far beyond simple function, and carry into looking good while you feel good too.

Today, even just tremella mushroom extract has the great majority of those same benefits you'd get from the raw mushrooms depending on how well they're extracted.

Troomy Nootropics - Tremella Mushrooms - Health Benefits 

Health Benefits Linked to Tremella Mushrooms

The tremella mushroom and its health benefits have been widely studied in the health and wellness world for several years now. In beauty care, functional care, and long-term wellness, many other medicinal mushrooms are also known for their value, but tremella sets itself apart in a handful of key categories. Consuming tremella regularly is key, and can turn your routine into a vitamin-rich, function-driven growth in your daily life.

Skin cell growth

Tremella's foundation has a potent vitamin D content, which is a major benefit to anti-aging. This benefit paired with antioxidant support is fantastic for fighting back over fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty benefits are only the start of what makes tremella powerful, though. As you start pushing for a glowing complexion, you can also enjoy some of tremella's functional properties in polysaccharide (beta-glucans) support.

Collagen Production

Polysaccharides are carbohydrate chains that play a major role in skin elasticity development and the reduction of fine lines. These components are what pair up with and generate strong collagen production to promote healthy skin. As you start to generate more collagen naturally,¬†ÔĽŅShine¬†ÔĽŅÔĽŅgummies from Troomy also are loaded with a bit of collagen to help support that natural skin growth long term.

Skin Hydration

Getting deep hydration support for your skin isn't exactly an easy benefit to find with many products. Fortunately, tremella mushrooms are a quick way to elevate moisture retention and potentially reduce the risk of dry skin. This roots in the hyaluronic acid ability that tremella carries, which stores 500 times their weight in water for a major impact on dry skin after regular use. 

Gut Health

Gut health is a common target for new medicinal mushroom users to reduce digestive pain and intestinal issues that can develop around diet, exercise, and other habits. With tremella mushrooms, you can use natural growth bacteria that's supposed to created both "good" and "bad" bacteria for your gut to have a stronger, healthier gut. These little intricacies can play a big role in your digestion, stomach pain, and other needs.


The immune system has to be in peak performance for you to be able to enjoy your day fully. Otherwise, flu season can really get to you quickly, allergies will always be just a little more frustrating to deal with, and recovery times will be much longer than usual.

Luckily, one of tremella mushrooms many health benefits includes immunity support. Beta-glucans are what sprout most of tremella's benefits, a form of polysaccharides that have been linked to stimulating macrophage activity (white blood cells). This is great for creating natural immunity for your sinuses and keep you feeling your best through flu season.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation can be difficult to deal with in all kinds of different sicknesses and diseases. In fact, it roots in virtually every ailment of the human body. While inflammation is a natural reaction, too much inflammation can cause infection, scarring, tissue damage, and healthy cells to sustain damage that threatens daily function in the form of type-2 diabetes or cancer.

As you aim the reduce the impact of chronic medical conditions on your daily health, tremella mushrooms can offer natural support to help inflammation reduce to a healthier, non-threatening level for other ailments and sicknesses.

Tremella Mushrooms - Health Benefits of Troomy Nootropics

FAQs on the Tremella Mushroom

Can you have too much tremella mushroom in your diet?

For the most part, there isn't much to worry about using too much of tremella in your regular diet. With symptoms limited to higher volumes of use and allergic reactions for the most part, supplementation in suggested amounts should be entirely fine. However, some folks have experienced symptoms like:

  • Upset stomach

  • Nausea

  • Diarrhea

  • Gas

Any of these symptoms often could mean a reduced dosage would be a bit better for your body. Otherwise, consulting a medical professional may be advisable to see if an allergy has developed to medicinal mushroom use.

Why is hyaluronic acid important in tremella mushrooms?

Hyaluronic acid is an essential piece of the dietary choices we make in our daily skincare regimen, as well as overall health and wellness. Tremella is linked to being a quality, natural source of hyaluronic acid. As it binds water molecules in our skin together at a higher rate, you can expect sustained water and skin moisture levels to strengthen.

How long does it take for the benefits of the snow mushroom to work?

After a few short weeks of using tremella mushrooms regularly in your routine, you can expect to start seeing the health benefits kick in. This can be through skin hydration, a more even skin tone, collagen production, and overall anti-aging properties that promote long-term skin health.

How do tremella mushrooms grow?

Often found in tropical and subtropical regions, Central America/South America are prime locations for tremella to grow. This exposes them to a wealth of natural nutrients that are developed through the parasitic relationship that mushrooms carry with their hosts.

What do tremella mushrooms taste like?

For most naturally grown tremella, the snow fungus gives off a spicy odor and slightly sweet taste, but the flavor is known to be mild. This is where some of us will look to supplements for a bit of a boosted flavors and enjoyment for using the mushrooms for routine use.

What kind of tremella mushroom supplements are there today?

Depending on the level of support you're looking for and different health benefits, there's a handful of places you can get started. While the community of supplement providers in medicinal mushrooms has expanded tremendously, there are still only a few supplement varieties you might want to try.

Tremella Mushrooms - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics 

How to Try Tremella Mushrooms Today


Cooking with tremella mushrooms is an awesome place to start with savory dishes and new recipes to try. Tremella's health benefits are massive benefits of eating well and can be a great accent flavor to your meal.

The trouble with cooking is the amount of prep work that goes into each mushroom. Keeping them fresh on the shelf, storing properly, finding recipes you like, and the financial burden that raw mushrooms carry. Luckily, quicker, wallet-friendly supplements are widely available today.


Capsules are a quick and easy way to get a bit of support through a compact, usually flavorless capsule. No prep time, and a ton of the same nutrients you'd get from raw tremella.

Still, capsules aren't everyone's favorite. Some folks want to still cook with tremella and just not have to go to all these great lengths to keep them fresh and ready to go.


Mushroom powders have been made massively popular in coffee form for the past decade or so. Coffee and tea can be truly soul-cleansing for some users and are already a staple of the morning routine.

If you love coffee, you can absolutely try most medicinal mushrooms with coffee blends. However, there are some that will have added caffeines, sugars, and other additives you might not be looking for. That's where mushroom gummies can make all the difference.


Gummies are the perfect middle ground for getting support fast and also enjoying delicious flavors. At Troomy, we've crafted five core blends of medicinal mushrooms, and are now adding a Troomy+ gummy blend called Shine. Shine uses natural ingredients to offer a fast route to tremella support with none of the caffeine or prep time. Additionally, they're easy on the wallet, as you get at least a month's worth of mushrooms in every bottle. Luckily, it's easier than ever to get started. 

Troomy Nootropics - Tremella Mushrooms - Health Benefits

Get Started with Tremella Gummies at Troomy Today!

Overall, tremella mushrooms are a great place to get started with mushroom-powered wellness. They offer a wealth of different health benefits linked to regular use, and are spectacular for skin health and hydration particularly. 

Shine gummies are a great place to get your summer glow on with collagen, tremella, and biotin support all packed into one delicious white-peach-pomegranate gummy.

So why wait? Find your "True Me" with Troomy Shine today!

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Over our first year as a company, he‚Äôs combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he‚Äôs in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he‚Äôll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your ‚ÄúTrue Me‚ÄĚ with Troomy.


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