The Power of Adaptogens: Natural Energy Boosters You Need to Try

The Power of Adaptogens: Natural Energy Boosters You Need to Try

Boosting Daily Support with Natural Adaptogens

Natural adaptogens are excellent for helping your daily health get jumpstarted to improve. These include all kinds of roots, herbs, and plants that can help our bodies stay on track with stress regulation, cardiovascular health, and other ailments.

At Troomy, we offer adaptogens in the form of medicinal mushroom blends that take in a handful of added ingredients as well to increase productivity, mood, sleep habits, and more. Today, we'll take a deep dive into a handful of adaptogens you might be familiar with, some examples of medicinal mushrooms that can be used to apply adaptogen support. 

Adaptogens - Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms - Troomy Nootropics

What Is an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen has activity/impact that creates some kind of resistance to biological, physical, or chemical factors. Generally speaking, they’re good for keeping your body prepared and reactive to a variety of different sicknesses or responses to sicknesses.

Are They Safe?

Absolutely! In moderation, of course.

Even the best vitamins for you need to be taken in moderation, and adaptogens are no different. Working them into your daily routine is a great place to start with getting your health on the right track fundamentally through your diet.

Top 3 Adaptogens for Getting a Natural Energy Boost

Ginseng - Health Benefits of Adaptogens - Troomy Nootropics


As risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases become more prominent in the US, it becomes more and more vital that you keep your health and wellness routine on track.

Ginseng (or panax ginseng) is one of the leading adaptogenic herbs that can be a supporter of living organisms in order to sustain optimal homeostasis, which is a highly important process for your body to be able to sustaine in tandem with your immune system being on its a-game.

Some benefits linked to Ginseng include:

  • Increased energy: That natural energy you’re looking for to battle chronic fatigue and keep your body feeling healthy is only the tip of the iceberg with ginseng. In a study focused on the impact of ginseng on cancer patients, cancer-related fatigue was directly combatted with regular ginseng use.

  • Elevated cognitive function: Increasing your brain function can make your day a whole lot easier for work, school, and everything in between.

  • Inflammation reduction: Having better inflammation function makes everything so much easier to get through. Inflammation actually is linked to almost every ailment.

  • Common Cold Support: Getting the flu is the worst. When you have ginseng working for you regularly, there have been studies on it being preventative of influenza and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

  • Reducing blood sugar: High blood sugar content can be damaging as a long term factor in your daily health. When you keep it well regulated using natural support like ginseng, you can keep your body safe long term and avoid detrimental damage being sustained to your cardiovascular system.

Other Linked Benefits of Adaptogens

  • Fatigue relief: Fatigue harbors every good workout and workflow routine. Even if you take care of your body and diet well, you’re still going to run into fatigue-heavy days that make everything more difficult.

  • Adrenal gland support: Your adrenal glands require support and regulation to optimize the perfect level of concentration with adrenal fatigue being combatted.

  • Cortisol levels: These levels require regulation to stay healthy and avoid internal damage that makes daily function more difficult. Adaptogens are a solid place to get started with regulating those levels and boosting your health quickly.


Rhodiola - Health Benefits of Boosting Energy Naturally with Adaptogens - Troomy Nootropics


A common reliever of anxiety and booster of stress response effectiveness, the rhodiola is a long observed adaptogen for helping your energy boost into higher function. Additionally, this adaptogen offers a wealth of other health benefits.

Health benefits of rhodiola:

  • Physical endurance: Getting through longer workouts can be tough when your body isn't able to keep up with the effort you're putting in. Keep your health in check for longer, improv oxygen regulation and workout flow to stay linked through a strong exercise regimen as well.
  • Stress and anxiety relief: Keeping your stress levels down is an essential element of your daily health that's majorly impacted by all factors of your life. Instead of changing how you go about your day, give your body the tools to prepare and react to stress in a healthier manner with supplements like rhodiola.
  • Improved short-term memory: Keeping yourself on the ball for a full day's work is always tough to do when it starts to drag. With increased focus and improved short term memory, rhodiola is a great place to start with helping your mind stay on track.
  • Arterie protection: Oxidative damage and atherosclerosis damage are highly common in folks with stressors in their lives and any poor habits like poor diets, lack of sleep, and other habits. With supplements like rhodiola and some added focus to your daily health, you could streamline that relationship with your arteries to keep you feeling your best for years to come, as you proactively prepare to keep your cardiovascular system regulated.

Other adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha or schisandra might be a good place to start as well, but there are alternatives that can be supportive as well. Energizing natural support that can also be good for cardiovascular health and blood pressure overall to keep your energy regulated through exercise, your daily workload, and home life.

Cordyceps Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics - Best Daily Benefits of Adaptogens


Cordyceps has become widely popular through the video game and HBO Max program The Last of Us, which paints it as a zombifying, dangerous parasite. Instead, cordyceps is one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms used today for stressors that can be systemically reduced while also reducing mental fatigue, increasing exercise performance, and more. 

Health Benefits of Cordyceps

Exercise Performance

Feeling your best in the weight room or on the track takes a ton of good habits combined with good systemic support from supplements. You can be as motivated as anyone but without the right tools and support system around you, you're going to have a lot of trouble getting the results you're looking for.

Elevate exercise performance with cordyceps seamlessly. These fungi are linked to increasing fatigue resistance, expediting recovery times, and keeping you on your a-game for building muscle long term.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Reducing your blood sugar can majorly benefit your overall cardiovascular health without putting you at risk of having low blood sugar damage your daily function. Keep your blood sugar down and stay feeling at your best for longer with a good diet and quality adaptogen support.


Immunity is a common benefit between the vast majority of medicinal mushrooms. In cordyceps, general immune system support is an excellent foundation piece for getting your wellness on track and introduced to how gamechanging medicinal mushroom support can be.

Medicinal Mushrooms - Health Benefits - Troomy Nootropics

What are Medicinal Mushrooms?

While all mushrooms that you can find at a grocery store are linked to stronger diets, there are a handful that go a step beyond being a healthy pizza topping. In traditional Chinese medicine over the past several hundred years, medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps have been used for their healing properties to activate a herbalist route to better wellness support.

Common medicinal mushrooms include:

While each of these mushrooms can be a healthy addition to any diet, they're not going to all target the same area of support. However, when used in tandem, some benefits of using medicinal mushrooms regularly could include:

  • Increased mental performance: cognitive function, short-term and long-term memory, and overall brain function

  • Anti-inflammatory support

  • Overall well-being boost

  • Elevated athletic performance

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Improved moods

Together, each of these benefits can combine with the best adaptogens to create a complete, game-changing daily routine. You can naturally support your energy levels and nervous system with antioxidant relief that builds quality, sustainable, healthy mental and physical performance supporters.

Do Medicinal Mushrooms Have Side Effects?

As a known superfood for supplements, medicinal mushrooms have extremely minimal negative side effects. In nootropic form, medicinal mushrooms might have a minimal variance in side effects that depend on the concentration of mushrooms. In recommended values of 200mg-2000mg daily, you can expect to have very minimal pain or symptoms to develop. Although, in rare cases some folks have experienced nausea, skin rashes, abdominal pain, and other symptoms tied to an allergic reaction in some cases.

How Can I Try Different Adaptogen Supplements?


Tinctures are common supplements for ginseng or rhodiola, even some blends of cordyceps have made their way to tincture form. Unfortunately, most folks think of medicine when they think of tinctures, which can be a huge deterrent to using them regularly. This is where some folks have looked to powders or coffees instead.


Powders are highly common supplement forms that can be a more enjoyable way to get adaptogens into your diet than capsules or tinctures. Versatile, customizable around your meal planning, and easy to use. Additionally, they can offer different benefits you weren't exactly looking for, but were glad to enjoy as well.

The trouble with powders are that they are messy, and can have a dull flavor that makes trying adaptogens less than ideal. This is where many folks have turned to gummies for adaptogen support. 


Gummies are the perfect middle ground to offer some delicious flavors in your routine, get the same adaptogen support you're looking for, and offer them at a wallet-friendly value. 

Together, each of these components can make a better health and wellness routine much simpler to start working into place. Luckily today at Troomy, it's easier than ever to get started with high-quality, adaptogen-support boosting blends.

Boost Gummies - Medicinal Mushrooms - Health Benefits of Adaptogen Support - Troomy Nootropics

Try Troomy Boost Gummies Today!

Overall, medicinal mushrooms like cordyceps are a great place to start getting that daily adaptogen support you’re looking for. While there are a handful of others you might want to try, it really comes down to getting a blend you enjoy in order to find that perfect middle ground of function and flavor.

Our Boost blend of cordyceps is a delicious, fungi-powered route to better wellness today that use only natural sugars and ingredients with zero caffeine or additives to help your energy boost into a more productive day ahead.

So why wait? Find your "True Me" with Troomy and Boost into your next high-energy day today! 

DISCLAIMER: The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products and guides are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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