Improving Sleep Habits with Mushroom Gummies

Sleeping Habits and Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Getting quality sleep is crucial to your everyday routine, but it’s tough to get enough restful sleep and actually feel your best.

Fortunately, there are strong habits you can build into your routine that’ll improve the quality of your sleep, as well as supplements you can take advantage of as well. For example, functional mushrooms are a huge factor to boost your sleep and leave you feeling rested. Once you pair them up with better sleeping habits, you’re going to be in great shape for giving your body what it needs.

Here are some quick tips from our team at Troomy to improve your sleep habits fast with functional mushrooms and good changes to your routine that can make an impact fast.

Not Sleeping Well - Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Can’t Sleep? You Aren’t Alone

The frustration here is that you can be making a concentrated effort to improve your sleep and still not be getting enough, or get enough and still not feel rested. About half the population on average is suffering from the same struggles. Unfortunately, the majority of these issues are tied to:

  • Stress management
  • Diet
  • Screen time
  • Environment

For the most part, all of these are going to be factors you have an impact on and can change. That’s great for your sleep, and it just takes concentrated effort to make it happen. That means changing up your wind down before bed, adjusting the amount you use your phone and other devices before bed, and the environment you surround yourself in.

Luckily, with functional mushrooms, all of these factors can become much easier to handle.

What are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are nutritious and low-calorie pieces of your diet that can be a game-changer when you’re looking to get better sleep. They accomplish this with vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants that can support body function and better regulation of your body’s stress and tension. Think of it as instead of using some medicine to relieve a cold or fever, you are giving your body nutrients to relieve those symptoms on its own. Only this time, your body is better prepared and physically capable.

Red Reishi - Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Which Functional Mushrooms are Used in Sleep Gummies?

Red Reishi

As for sleep gummies, Red Reishi is a top asset for creating a safe, nutrient-rich, strong support for your sleep habits. It’s also linked to boosting the immune system as well, which can help with clearing up colds and keeping you on your feet with healthy, natural energy. At Troomy, we use Red Reishi combined with melatonin to create our fruity Sleep gummy blends. 

Lion's Mane Functional Mushrooms for better sleep habits - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Lion’s Mane

While these aren’t as directly connected to improving sleep as Red Reishi might be, Lion’s Mane is a great all-around support supplement that can benefit you a great deal. Lion’s Mane is connected to deeper and more restful sleep through what’s called a lower “wakefulness” during deep-sleep phases. This aims for more restful sleep that’ll keep you feeling your best.

How Can I Get Functional Mushrooms Like Red Reishi and Lion’s Mane Into My Diet?

Given their nutritional value and cooking recipe versatility, you can get functional mushrooms into your diet to help your sleep fast. The tough part will be finding a consistent enough source of these mushrooms without overspending. Additionally, you have to work within their shelf life as well when you’re cooking. A much simpler alternative is seeking out nootropic gummy blends.

Functional Mushrooms in Nootropics, Mushroom Blends and Gummies

Nootropics are natural or synthetic blends like caffeine, creatine, and vitamins that target boosting your productivity, brain health, and more. Unlike getting raw mushrooms at the store or online, they're wallet-friendly and have an extended shelf life, supporting a happier and healthier routine daily.

Solutions to Implement Other Impactful Strategies to Get Better Sleep

Doing Yoga and Relieving Stress - Functional Mushrooms for Better Sleep Habits - Troomy Nootropics Mushroom Gummies in Whittier, CA

Yoga and Physical Relief

Getting started with yoga is a great foundation piece to get yourself in a better headspace for using sleep gummies.

However, yoga can be time-consuming in extended sessions, especially if you are doing multiple a day. Once you get it down, though, you should be in a lot better shape. You’ll usually want to start in the morning to get the best results. Then, you can cap off the day with a lighter session before you wind down for sleep. Together, these two sessions should begin and end your day with a sense of calm, allowing you to feel more yourself.

Relieving Stress Safely

Getting stuck with your stress and anxiety mounts heavily on your sleep. When you can't get it down quickly before bed, you can lose hours every night just trying to relax.

Trying yoga, reading, martial arts, playing an instrument, and other habits are all great routes for relieving stress. Depending on the person, these all can work differently to keep your stress in check. If you're looking to give on a try, just find the one that speaks to you most. Then you can adjust your schedule around it and start giving yourself a healthy route for stress relief.

However, with that added time commitment, it could be a little tough getting these habits going. Luckily, there are functional mushrooms that can be used to target stress relief support with zero prep time or time commitment. Once you get functional support for your stress through sleep blends of mushroom gummies and other supplements, you can pair these with sleep gummies as well to create a consistent habit for relaxing in your evening routine. 

Eating Well

Having a good diet and consistent eating habits are absolutely essential. That means three meals a day that hit the primary components of a balanced diet: starch, protein, and a veggie.

If you haven’t been able to get consistent meals into your diet on a daily basis, meal planning is a great strategy to eat better. Try finding quick and easy meal planning routes to help your wallet at the store, help your body have a good day, and benefit your mood as well. With all these benefits in place, your sleep can only get better.

Give These Sleep Habits a Try, and Get Started with Troomy Nootropics Today!

Sleep Gummies - Boosting Restful Sleep Naturally with Adaptogenic Mushrooms - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

When you’re working to get better sleep habits in place, it’s not going to be easy at first. It takes time to build consistency and feel comfortable in your new habit. Luckily, with Troomy, you can get support for improving your sleep.

Overall, don't wait to get better sleep. Give our Sleep gummies a try today!

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Alex Heining is a major supporter and activist of mushroom-powered wellness, and has been a leader on our Troomy Nootropics team since day one. As a graduate from the University of Oregon and marketer in the Los Angeles area, he constantly aims to increase activity and acquire more knowledge on ever-changing innovations in the fungi industry today.

Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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