How Can Adaptogenic Mushrooms Help Me Relax?

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Relaxing and feeling stress free is hard enough today. With working from home, and hours on hours of screen time, you never really having that time to "settle down" properly anymore.

Fortunately, adpatogenic mushrooms have been on the rise as of late to push you into a more productive, higher-functioning daily routine. Additionally, these same mushrooms have been blended into impactful daily stress relievers that intend to support feeling less anxious, get better sleep, and more.

Today, we'll take a deep dive into what sets these mushrooms apart, how they can impact your stress directly, and where to get started with using them.

Lion's Mane - Adaptogenic Mushrooms with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

What are Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are the most impactful mushrooms available today that have been recognized for their healing properties and daily functional support for thousands of years in easter medicine.

Today, they've finally moved west and started making an impact on diets and the daily routine.

How Can I Eat Them?

Don't worry, you're not going to be plucking some fungus off the ground in the forest or asking Alice. Fortunately, you can actually get these little superfoods at some grocery stores, in supplements, or in gummies.

The trick is just finding a blend that works best for you.

How Do Adaptogenic Mushrooms Impact My Stress and Anxiety?

With natural support to how you're feeling, a handful of adaptogenic mushrooms can heavily impact your stress and anxiety 

Body stress, for example, is a targeted area of support for cordyceps supplements. Cordyceps is a leading energy booster, stress reliever adaptogenic mushroom species that is widely used in the fitness world today. It aims to support stamina recovery, reduce fatigue, stabilize chemical stress in the body, and more. On top of cordyceps, there's a variety of others as well you might want to try to supplement your day.

The trick is just finding a blend that works best for you.

Best Functional Mushrooms for Stress Relief

Reishi Mushrooms - Adaptogenic Mushrooms with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA 

1. Reishi 

Reishi mushrooms are a fantastic place to start. Widely recognized and popularized for it's natural vitamins and minerals make it a very strong anxiety reliever. This could include:

  • Insomnia: relieving insomnia quickly to allow for more restful, peaceful sleep that impacts your stress less.
  • Nervous system: when your nervous system is healthy and getting the nutrients/support it needs, you are naturally able to feel better and relax more easily. This support leads to better balance with four primary neurotransmitters, which have a major impact on your mood through dopamine, GABA, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Stronger, more durable nerves will create a lasting impact on how your body intercepts and regulates stress in the future.
  • Liver/gut health: having your gut health in better shape with adaptogenic mushrooms is impactful to your emotional regulation, particularly with your liver. Processing food with ease and keeping your body at peace is crucial to developing better anxiety relief strategies, which are simple to do once you get reishi in your diet daily.

If you're looking for a bit more on the makeup of reishi mushrooms, you can take a look here to learn more!

 Cordyceps - Adaptogenic Mushrooms with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

2. Cordyceps

As mentioned before, cordyceps mainly acts as a function and energy booster. However, it also is a huge adrenal gland stimulator, which impacts stress in a big way. In many cases, this is the system that becomes overstimulated when you are feeling stressed or particularly anxious, which is what cordyceps is used as a supplement to help regulate. Additionally, they can offer:

  • Boost exercise stamina and performance
  • anti-aging support
  • Inflammation reducing properties
  • Immune support
  • Sexual issue resolutions
  • liver issue support

Athletes are usually huge fans of this mushroom for its fatigue reduction and stamina boosting properties. Whether its getting through a morning workout or just getting through the workday afterward, cordyceps is a huge support piece to your daily routine.

Lion's Mane - Adaptogenic Mushrooms with Functional Wellness - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

3. Lion's Mane

If the others weren't jumping out to you, Lion's Mane is always a good baseline for all around support. Most blends with Lion's Mane mushrooms use extract to increase productivity. This could come through:

  • Elevated focus
  • Better moods
  • Inflammation support
  • Antioxidants

On top of these focus areas, they have been linked to overcoming neurodegenerative conditions as well. So when you're busy being more productive at work or in the classroom, you're also setting yourself up for a healthier future ahead.

Overall, you can't go wrong giving yourself a little extra focus through the day and feeling better doing it too. You are just going to have to find a way to use these mushrooms that fits your schedule best. 

How Can I Try Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Reishi Mushrooms - Adaptogenic Mushrooms with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Overall, it really depends on your needs, and the time you have dedicated to using these mushrooms. You should take into account if anxiety and stress are your main areas of focus, or you're just looking for overall better health and wellness support.

Raw Adaptogenic Mushrooms from the Store

 You can get Lion's Mane, Reishi, and other mushrooms at some stores near you. Even farmer's markets will carry them on occasion, so it's worth giving a go when you can.

This way you can start cooking with them and finding out what they really do to impact your diet one meal at a time.

The main difficulty with this route is keeping fresh mushrooms on hand throughout the week. Chances are, you're going to have to go out of your way in your normal shopping routine to get the right mushrooms, and that's only if they're in stock. Additionally, it's a bit more expensive usually to order full, raw mushrooms to use in cooking. That's where mushroom gummies can make a huge difference.

Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are simplified versions of adaptogenic mushrooms that use their extracts to power your day naturally. The fun part of these gummies is they aren't just a fruity and delicious burst of flavor. You actually get real support for your day too, powered by health and wellness mushrooms. This targets:

  • Wallet-friendly value: two months worth of adaptogenic mushrooms jam-packed into one bottle.
  • Mushroom variety, targeting needs: don't just get general support anymore. If you're feeling stressed, get stress relief. If you want to be more productive, be more productive. Each gummy can target a different need entirely.
  • Zero prep time: avoid spending a whole morning planning a meal or the day ahead around using adaptogenic mushroom boosters. Just get exactly what you need in one quick-and-easy gummy.
  • All-natural blends: zero caffeine and low sugar, you can get those nutrients for your stress, productivity, sleep, and more with just one fruity little microdose.

Overall, mushroom gummies are the way to go for adaptogenic support. Luckily, it's easier than ever to get started.


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