Boosting Warzone 2 Performance with Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Boosting Warzone 2 Performance with Adaptogenic Mushrooms

We just hit our one-month anniversary with Warzone 2, and it has been a smash hit. However, if you're still just getting started, the game's a lot different than what you might be used to with the first installment from Modern Warfare (2019).

The problem is with buggy gameplay, audio issues, and wildly different movement mechanics, there's been a steep learning curve for most casual and even high-level competitive players.

Fortunately, we've compiled some of the best tips to have a better placement on the new battlefield.

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What are Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Adaptogenic mushrooms are fantastic for boosting gaming performance and feeling your best when playing. They aren't your average off-the-shelf mushrooms. What makes them adaptogenic or "functional" is their high vitamins, minerals, and links to healing properties.

This strong nutritional base makes for fantastic supplements to your diet, and with almost zero calories, they have almost zero negative impact on your health.

Are They Hallucinogenic?

No, you won't be seeing wizards and dragons hopping onto your screen. Adaptogenic mushrooms are entirely safe and don't have any hallucinogenic properties.

How Many Do I Have to Eat to See a Difference?

Depends on which functional mushrooms you're trying. Not all have the same properties, and some are stronger than others with the nutrition they provide. If you want to learn more about what the mushrooms are made of rather than how they can impact your gameplay, you can take a look at the structure of each mushroom we use at Troomy here. 

Why Is Warzone 2 So Much Different, and How Can Adaptogenic Mushrooms Help?

Movement Changes

 Movement has felt far more like previous titles than the fluid engine Modern Warfare (2019) ran on for the first Warzone.

The players are bulkier, aim-down-sight times are slow, and the skill gap has been drastically lowered. Previously, more competitive players could easily wipe squads almost strictly with movement strategies. Now, holding corners and limiting risk is the new wave.

You need laser-locked focus and plenty of energy to keep up with these changes. Adaptogenic mushrooms are perfect for keeping you playing at high performance with links to extending mental stamina, increasing brain function, and more.


Pacing has always been a gripe for Call of Duty players that have mixed between rebirth modes and classic battle royale. The middle ground for Warzone 2 just hasn't been found yet, and that's turned many players off.

While adaptogenic mushrooms aren't going to change the pace of the game, they certainly can change how effective you are in it. Keeping your focus can be difficult when gunfights are taking longer, and full-length matches take far fewer engagements than its predecessor.

Gaming with Proximity Chat - Warzone 2 - Mushroom Gummies from Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA - Mushroom Coffee

Proximity Chat

One of the best additions to this franchise, and quite possibly how this mode can be saved in the early going. Tons of issues have plagued Warzone 2 from launch, but the saving grace has been this hilarious and unique addition that originally was in the Blackout Call of Duty battle royale mode. 

As a mechanic, this is more of a fun addition than anything. However, coming into playing with a good mood already can make proximity chat even more fun. Adaptogenic mushrooms are a strong route to support feeling more relaxed, stress free, and more.


The real change hasn't been with the mechanics of each weapon class. Instead, the approach to gunfights and speed of engagements is a lot different. For example, sniper rifles have become the most viable weapons in the game. Whether they were or they weren't in Warzone, it's inarguable that snipers are second to anything in Warzone 2. 

Outside of sniping, assault rifles are in a strange middle ground right now, and submachine guns can be extremely solid close range. The thing is, engagements have just shifted so closely to early Verdansk play in the first Warzone that everyone's still finding how to increase the tempo of the match.

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How Can I Get Started With Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

Mushroom Coffee

Coffees are fun to get started with if you're looking to find easy supplements to your day. One cup and you can get a ton of that functional support you're looking for from mushrooms fast.

The problem with mushroom coffee is the flavor, the texture, and prep work isn't for everyone. You're going to have to set time aside to find a blend of flavors you like most to add to your adaptogenic mushroom blends.

Raw Mushrooms

These are a ton of fun to cook with and give a try in your routine diet. You can get acquainted with how each mushroom functions differently, as well as the flavors they add to meals. As you cook with them for games and playing Warzone 2, you'll systemically build performance support into your diet.

Unfortunately, cooking these mushrooms can take up a ton of extra time on your end. Not to mention keeping them fresh, finding recipes you like, and working in mushrooms that will help you with your gaming performance. That's where functional mushroom gummies can be the perfect middle ground.

Mushroom Gummies

mushroom gummies are fantastic boosters for gaming. They are quick and easy to use, taste delicious, and are wallet-friendly with zero prep time. Additionally, they last on the shelf for much longer than fresh mushrooms, as all the same support is extracted and jampacked into these supercharged gummies.

Luckily, it's easier than ever to get started.

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Using Adaptogenic Mushroom Gummies to Boost Your Performance in Warzone 2

Troomy's spent the better part of the last year crafting five perfect blends to create a complete daily routine that boosts your gaming performance fast. From sleeping better, focusing in at a higher level, and keeping your energy high for longer nights playing, Troomy's starting five gummies can reshape your gaming experience completely. 

Take a look at our gummy blends here, and get a jumpstart into the new year with high-performance gaming gummies. Don't wait to unlock your "True Me," and get started today!

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Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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