Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Health and Wellness for Mountain Biking

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Medicinal Mushrooms for Hitting the Trails Hard

Looking to get started with mountain biking?

It's a fun hobby that can turn into quite a lifestyle choice. You can go from just riding around your local parks one day to being up at the crack of dawn and on extreme terrain weekend after weekend. As a sport, there are all kinds of ways for you to start enjoying the fun. Luckily, there's all kinds of ways to give yourself an advantage when you're just starting out, as well as keeping your health and wellness routine adjusted perfectly.

Tips for Getting Started with Mountain Biking

Setting Goals

When you're just getting your feet wet with mountain biking, goals are a great place to start. Maybe you're just looking for exercise or a new hobby. For some, this becomes a whole lifestyle change. You'll have to adjust accordingly.

Take competitive cyclers, for example. Chances are, they've been riding for years and are looking to take the next step. That's a reasonable step for them to take, while the same can't be said for someone trying to get into competitive cycling off the street.

Overall, being realistic with your goals and setting attainable goals is really important to your progress. Early rides and getting out on trails can get your exercise battery down fast, so you want to be well prepared for the trials ahead by setting goals and sticking with them. The logical next step is getting the right equipment to do so.

Getting the Right Bike

While mountain biking is probably the most versatile type of bike widely available, this may not be the bike for you. Say you want to do it straight for the exercise and don't care where you ride, or are simply going for a casual experience. More casual bikes like BMX or cruisers might be the way to go. Or, a street bike for higher speeds may be the route as well. 

The point is, you don't want to confine yourself to a type of bike riding you don't particularly enjoy. Find the right bike that suits your needs, and then you can start seeing much more of the community around you.

Exploring Your Community

On top of getting great exercise, mountain biking can expose you to a ton of new paths literally and mentally. You can only ever see so much on hikes. Mountain biking gives you an opportunity to see more of your community, regulate your energy a bit better, and go over rough terrain with ease.

Try to get out somewhere you haven't been before. Chances are, there's trails you've never seen the real end of because a hike would be too long, or you just never had the energy before.

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Pairing Mountain Biking With Strong Health and Wellness


Eating well means a whole lot to your health and wellness routine. The eating habits you have will majorly impact how you feel, the energy you have, sleep, and more.

You have to build consistency in your nutrition if you're going to stay consistent with mountain biking. Getting a ton of extra exercise into your weekly routine can really ware you down. Keep proteins, veggies, and starches in as many meals as you can. 

Meal planning can be a great way to keep that new nutrition focus consistent. Try taking at our meal plan guides here

Self Care

Self care is a blanket term for all kinds of things you need to do to take care of yourself.

Yoga, meditation, martial arts, and other practices are perfect for strong self care. When you match these up with mountain biking, you could easily expedite recovery times and feeling good. The only tough part is going to be finding the time. You'll have to compartmentalize your mornings and evenings a bit better, but there's nothing wrong with taking it slow too. 

Nootropics and Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Nootropics are a great step in the right direction for health and wellness. Adaptogenic mushrooms in particular are used for their vitamins, minerals, fibers, and more. You can really set apart your nutrition and overall wellness performance with a strong dose of mushrooms in your meal planning. 

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Overview of Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Adaptogenic mushrooms are natural superfoods that qualify for higher nutritional properties than the average set of mushrooms. Given that there are 14,000 species of mushrooms discovered today, it takes supreme nutritional qualities and health support to be considered adaptogenic. However, when used properly, these create quality support for your daily routine.

Focus and Skill Building

Low-calorie superfoods like adaptogenic mushrooms are perfect for getting into your diet to boost daily focus when you're trying to learn a new skill.

In the case of mountain biking, you can quickly build up better support for your focus while you ride. This could help avoid taking spills on rougher terrain and regulating your breathing, recovery times with ease. Pairing these forms of support together creates valuable opportunity for your biking experience to become much more enjoyable.

Exercise Performance

Exercise performance is really hard to get the most out of when you're taking on a new sport or hobby. You have enough growing pains learning the basics to deal with, fatigue and injuries end up just being the icing on the frustration cake.

Fortunately, many adaptogenic mushrooms support exercise performance. Take Cordyceps and Lion's Mane for example. 

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How Can I Get Adaptogenic Mushrooms Into My Diet?

Raw Mushrooms in Recipes

As a foundational piece to meal planning, raw mushrooms are great to cook with your everyday dinner recipes. Chefs all over have even started putting these mushrooms into desserts, creating more balanced nutritional value to each of your courses throughout the day.

Supplements and Powders

Getting supplement versions of mushrooms into your routine are great as well. Whether that's through powders, juicing, or other supplement routines, mushrooms are excellent nutritionally even as supplements. In most cases, these are still organic and maintain that same value you get from the original mushroom, depending on the quality of the blend. 

Adaptogenic Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are a compact, fruity-blended nootropics for boosting your daily function and supporting a productive daily routine. These are by far the simplest and most accessible route to getting adaptogenic mushrooms into your routine with no strings attached. 

On top of that, their blends can offer a string of support that several mushrooms combine to create the perfect pairing for your daily routine. This makes your wellness routine complete with vitamins, minerals, and no prep time at a fraction of the cost. 

Get Started with Troomy Mushroom Gummies Today!

Overall, mountain biking is a perfect new hobby to get into for the exercise, the lifestyle building, and adventure. Find a bike that's perfect for you and pair it up with adaptogenic mushrooms today.

With Troomy Nootropics adaptogenic mushroom gummies, our five blends are strategically crafted to target different areas where your routine might be lacking. Take a look at how you're adjusting to your new hobby, and which areas you've started to drag in. Whether that's the morning, afternoon, or evening, there's a Troomy blend that's just right for you.

Especially if you're looking to start biking more often, we recommend grabbing Daily or Boost to start your Troomy journey. Both of these blends target supporting your body's regulation of energy, exercise recovery, brain function, and more. Luckily, getting started is simple. 

Give Troomy gummies a try hereand start your journey to finding your "True Me" today!

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