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Football players have got a tough job week in and week out. Whether you're playing on Friday's, Saturday's, or Sunday's, you need every advantage you can get to start dominating the gridiron.

That comes through in preparation and the values that you give to your body on a regular basis. Some athletes can get away with not eating as well. However, that's nearly impossible for football players. As a high-contact with sport with little margin for error, you have to be playing at your best as often as possible.

Fortunately, there's a ton you can do to get your body right for your next big game, as well as prepare to dominate on a higher level with natural boosts from adaptogenic mushrooms. 

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What Impacts Workout Recovery in Football?


Most of the season, you're probably going to be running on less sleep than usual. 5am weight lifting sessions and Saturday morning film study isn't doing you any favors. But make no mistake: sleep is going to come back to bite you if you just accept that you're not going to get enough. 

Remembering assignments, playing at a high level, and being able to focus in won't be possible without strong sleep.

Self Care and Recovery

When you get home from practice, tons of players are prone to just kicking the shoes off and watching TV. It's an easy response to have to a grueling day at practice. But you've gotta get your body right however you can. 

That means taking the extra step to do some yoga when you get home, or ice bath. Anything to get yourself in a comfortable rest state more often. It might be a bit tough to get to right of the bat, but it gets better as you go and get consistent with it.


Eating right and staying hydrated is completely necessary in life, and even more so in football.

If you can't eat well consistently, your body's going to break down through the year and start to feel more and more sluggish. That really can kill your game and make your breaks slower, blocks weaker, and routes softer.

Keep your nutrition consistent with strong meal planning ahead of time, as well as any support you can get from your family. Chances are, if you ask, they'll be willing to help you get through the year with the routine you need.

Another route to supporting good nutrition is using adaptogenic mushrooms for quality daily nutrients.

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What are Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

 Adaptogenic mushrooms are a select group of mushrooms you probably aren't familiar with. They're known in eastern cultures more prominently, but recently have risen to become more popular in the states for their medicinal and functional properties.

The main ones used today are: 

  • Lion's Mane
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi

Overall, these mushrooms and a handful of others are extremely high in vitamins, minerals, fibers, and more.

Are They Legal?

Yes! Adaptogenic mushrooms are perfectly legal and have functional properties that are not comparable with hallucinogens. These properties simply target functional support and keeping you focused, energized, and more.

What Can I Expect When Using Adaptogenic Mushrooms?

This will really come down to the mushroom, as each species of fungi has its own set of health and wellness properties that you can target. The first thing you should consider is what your basic needs or goals are with health and wellness surrounding your football career. 

If you want to learn more about the more advanced properties of these mushrooms, you can always meet the mushrooms we use in our adaptogenic mushroom gummy blends here. 

How Can I Use Adaptogenic Mushrooms for Football?

Fatigue Recovery

A couple tough days at practice can completely destroy the productivity of the rest of your week if you don't handle your body right. The same goes for injuries when you're trying to get back into your rhythm. Pulling a hamstring doesn't just magically mend itself. 

Luckily, with adaptogenic mushrooms, you can boost your fatigue recovery support soundly with mushrooms like Cordyceps. Then you're directly supporting your body through the recovery process, giving you a more productive season.

Energy Boosting 

You could always use a kick before you get out on the practice field, and chances are, coffee or an energy drink isn't going to get the best results.

Avoid risk of caffeine or sugar crash with strong, natural, and non-addictive organic ingredients from adaptogenic mushrooms. This can make your whole season just feel different, and avoid those sluggish days that pop up when you're grinding hard.

Restful Sleep

When we touched on sleep previously, the quality of the sleep wasn't the focus. Now, with functional, adaptogenic mushrooms, you can create real impact on your sleep quality.

Elevate your sense of restful sleep quickly using the support of adaptogenic mushrooms. You'll quickly find getting to sleep and staying that way is supported completely by these mushrooms, which is a major factor to your performance and longevity on the field.

Better Focus

Locking in for film study and tougher drills takes a lot of your energy. You want to be able to start reacting more than thinking when you're out on the field, so this is the time to make that happen. 

Create better focus for yourself with natural supplements fast. Adaptogenic mushrooms keep your eyes disciplined in a sport where your eyes can win or lose you a game.

Now, with all the different adaptogenic mushrooms there are to try, there in turn are a bunch of ways to use these mushrooms as well.

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What's the Best Route for Getting Mushrooms In My Diet?


If you're already taking protein shakes for weight training, popping mushroom powder supplements into them is the perfect pairing. It won't have much of an impact on the flavor, and can easily be a more natural boost to your day without the crash. 

Full Meals

Meals are a good place to start as well if you have the time. Especially if you've been cutting carbs and calories, mushrooms are an excellent substitute for many different ingredients in different recipes. You can even try implementing adaptogenic mushrooms into your desserts to get the most out of every meal through your season.

Mushroom Gummies and Nootropics

For football players on the go and constantly training, this is the way to go. Give yourself foundational health and wellness standards by starting the day off right with mushroom gummies. These gummies take all of the support that the average functional, adaptogenic mushroom offers, and converts into a tiny, accessible gummy for your routine.

Get Started with Troomy Mushroom Gummies Today!

Overall, it's no better time in football season to start getting the best out of yourself. Start supporting your focus, increasing your energy, and getting restful sleep with Troomy Nootropics mushroom gummies.

We have a fab-five starting lineup to best cater to your needs, and help you standout on the gridiron as quickly as possible.

Don't wait to be a beast on the field. Get started with Troomy Nootropics here!

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