Introducing Troomy+

Take Your Wellness Ritual to the Next Level

Troomy+ is the latest addition to the Troomy Nootropics® line up, which combines the powerful, all-natural properties of functional mushrooms, like Lion's Mane and Cordyceps, with other natural ingredients to deliver enhanced results. By combining functional mushrooms with powerful active ingredients like Collagen and Biotin, the possibilities for optimized wellness combinations are literally limitless.

With organic blends, delicious flavors, and powerful, all-natural ingredients, there's no simpler way to find your "True Me" than with Troomy+.

Introducing the First Addition to the Troomy+ Line Up

Troomy Shine

Biotin + Collagen + Tremella Mushroom Gummies

Powered by 5000mcg of biotin, 700mg of collagen, and 120mg of tremella mushroom extract, Troomy Shine is a beauty and wellness focused gummy supplement specially formulated to help:

  • boost skin care
  • improve hair health
  • enhance nail health
  • support gut health
  • support overall wellness.

By combining the beauty-enhancing, natural benefits of biotin and collagen with tremella mushrooms into a delcious white peach pomegranate gummy, Troomy Shine offers the ultimate, all-natural beauty solution! Enhance your ritual and get your shine on with Troomy Shine today!

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