What Is Brain Fog?

What Is Brain Fog? - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Staying productive is absolutely essential to your success through screens and on the go in 2022. 

Unfortunately, a common symptom today called “brain fog” will keep you from being productive in a big way. This simply refers to a lack of focus, difficulty remembering important information, and staying effective in pressured situations caused by a myriad of health factors. Luckily, you can avoid brain fog when you’re able to keep your body and mind in comfortable, safe spaces, as well as implement strong daily routine practices. But without the right support system in your daily routine, you’ll run into brain fog issues more and more.

Here are some tips from our team at Troomy to avoid brain fog and put your best foot forward in your work more regularly.

HAving Trouble Sleeping through the night and other Poor sleeping habits - What Is Brain Fog? - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Brain Fog’s Leading Causes

Poor Sleep Habits

Your sleep can be rooted in so much of your health needs. Think of sleep as a daily nutrient that you supply your brain and body with. Whenever you cut that short, or eat two meals in a day instead of three, you feel the effects carry throughout the day. This creates sluggish, ill-tempered behavior for your body to get accustomed to. This translates into poor mental performance and brain fog setting in fast.


Dietary needs are a crucial part of that foundation you build for yourself to be successful every day. When you sell yourself short, your body will struggle to be active throughout the day, you’ll become more irritable, and you’re never going to be able to put your full focus in anything. Keep your diet consistent to avoid brain fog impairing your daily productivity.


These are one of the toughest to avoid, as you have the least power over what medications you’ll need. Some medications will inherently push down your mental state and make it much harder to stay focused.

Infections and COVID-19

COVID-19 and several infections also will limit your brain power and activity through the day. Since there is even brain inflammation in some cases of these infections, they often go hand-in-hand with other symptoms that impact each other. For example, if you are feeling more depressed or isolated on your own, that could be a symptom of infection rather than your habits. Visit your doctor if you are unsure but experiencing similar symptoms.


Stressed Out Teacher With Brain Fog - What Is Brain Fog? - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA


 Who Could Be at the Highest Risk for Brain Fog?


Many teachers are under a ton of different pressures, have extracurricular activities to keep up with managing, and have minimal down time in their day. Take note of how these factors can be impacting you, and which areas of your daily routine can allot you a bit more time for selfcare.

This doesn’t necessarily mean waking up earlier and losing sleep. If you can combine any tasks, or find space to be more relaxed even in short spurts, this should start to minimize brain fog in the classroom or at home.

Employees in High-Stress Work Environments

Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and more. Stress as we covered before limits brain activity immensely. When you pair that together with a work environment where a lot’s demanded of you, you’re going to struggle to perform consistently.

Unfortunately, that simply isn’t possible with some of these occupations. You have to be on your A-game at all times. 

Occupations With Screen Dependency

If 85% of your workload is from behind a screen, brain fog can be a major factor in your daily productivity. This is especially true for redundant tasks that start to feel less and less impactful to how your company functions, or the overall importance of your position. Occupational depression can set in and piggyback off of brain fog to reduce your efficiency and lower your standard of work. 

Luckily, there are alternatives.

Self Care and Massage Therapy, Spa Day to Avoid Brain Fog - What Is Brain Fog? - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

What Can I Do Today to Reduce Brain Fog?

Good Self-Care Habits and Supplements

Taking care of yourself is the first step. Whether this is shutting off your screens a half hour earlier, reading your children stories, or giving yourself more “me time,” you need to have strong habits in place to be able to keep your body and mind healthy. Have a spa day! Go somewhere new. Try a new restaurant and get on a good hydration/nutrition routine. 

Giving your body the nutrients it needs is a huge part of the battle. You'll start to see an instant difference when your healthiest habits get consistent, and you're able to set aside the time necessary to make these adjustments.

However, if you’re already feeling maxed out with the time you have, supplements are a great alternative, also known as nootropics.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a great route to potentially improve your mental activity, focus, memory, and state of wellbeing. For most, nootropics are already a part of your daily routine in coffee, creatine, caffeine, or other natural solutions.

While both synthetic and natural, most nootropics are created from all-natural ingredients that can support you feeling your best. 

Functional Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Which Nootropics Should I Get Started With?

The hardest part of getting daily nutrients every day is setting aside time for planned meals and supplements that meet all those needs. The same goes for your brain health and relieving it of fog. You need a strong structure in place with your routine to start seeing results.

One route that could be best for you is trying medicinal mushrooms in nootropic gummies. These gummies can be quickly taken on the go, and keep you feeling your best all day.

Learn more about Troomy’s all-natural nootropic solutions here!

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Over our first year as a company, he’s combined his efforts with our top blending strategists to inform the Troomy community on developments in mushroom-powered wellness, while developing delicious, functionally-powerful gummies for daily use. Whether he’s in the weightroom, studying new extraction methods, or working on some new songs, he’ll always be ready to talk your ear off about different ways you can find your “True Me” with Troomy.


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