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Medicinal mushrooms are no new idea. There is plenty of ancient documentation to show just how long people have been using various mushrooms for their beneficial properties. Yet, mushroom gummies give people a way to access these benefits in a totally convenient and yummy way. 

Without question, right now, mushrooms are everywhere. From shiitake to turkey tail and lion's mane, fungi are saturating everything from the health and wellness space to the restaurant menu‚ÄĒand it's not without reason. The more we learn about the medicinal benefits of certain types of mushrooms, the more attention they get.¬†

If you're interested in taking advantage of mushroom benefits, mushroom gummies may be the right option. What are mushroom gummies? Let's take a closer look. 

First, What Are Mushroom Gummies?

Mushroom gummies (aka super mushroom gummies or shroom gummies) are edible chews much like gummy candy that contain the valuable compounds found in certain functional or medicinal mushrooms. These gummies can vary when it comes to ingredients and which mushrooms are used in the formula.

However, most products are specifically manufactured to make it easy for people to take advantage of the many benefits mushrooms can provide. Many supplements are available in gummy form, and now mushroom gummies have followed suit. 

How Are Mushroom Gummies Made?

Most mushroom gummies are made with mushroom extracts instead of the whole mushroom. When it comes to fungi, the body can have a difficult time breaking down the full mushroom to get all the impressive nutrients inside.

By putting mushrooms through an extraction process, the mushrooms are broken down and the valuable nutrients and compounds are easily utilized by the body. Essentially, the mushroom extract is mixed with something like fruit pectin or gelatin and other flavoring ingredients to create a gummy. 

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What Are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are basically just mushrooms that are valued for their medicinal purposes. Therefore, if you see a product labeled as functional mushroom gummies, you are getting a gummy made with mushrooms that are known to have therapeutic or medicinal properties. 

A Look at the Types of Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies are usually made with either a specific type of functional mushroom or a blend of different mushrooms. However, you can also find gummies made with mushroom extracts as well as other ingredients that support the actions of the mushrooms. For example, if a gummy is made with a nootropics mushroom like Lion's Mane for memory or focus, the gummy may also contain B vitamins that offer similar benefits.

Below is a look at some different types of mushrooms often used to make mushroom gummies, as well as the proposed benefits of each type of mushroom. 

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Lion's Mane 

Lion's Mane mushrooms are a common staple when it comes to mushroom nootropics because they are thought to enhance mental function and focus. However, these unique fungi are also thought to offer support for the nervous system in general. 


Shiitake mushrooms are thought to offer immune system support by enhancing beneficial cytokines levels in the body. These mushrooms are also commonly used to maintain a healthy weight and possibly help with certain conditions like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. 


Reishi mushrooms are a popular functional mushroom because they contain several molecules thought to benefit the human body. These mushrooms may offer support for the immune system, deter fatigue, help with anxiety or depression, and possibly help maintain stable blood sugar levels. 

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Cordyceps are often deemed rock stars in the world of medicinal fungi. These mushrooms may offer a list of benefits, including improving exercise performance, acting as an antioxidant, and supporting the heart. Cordyceps may also be a good mushroom for people looking for support for sexual function, as these fungi are said to help with testosterone levels and sperm production. 


Chaga mushrooms have been in use for centuries to support overall health and vitality. These fungi are said to stimulate the body's natural production of white blood cells. This could bring along benefits like fighting certain types of illnesses and possibly even helping to fight the common cold. 


In Japan, Maitake translates to dancing mushroom, which is said to give homage to the adaptogenic properties of the fungi and how they can offer both physical and mental support. Maitake mushrooms are said to be good for slowing the reproduction of abnormal cells, helping with high cholesterol, and offering support for the immune system.  

Turkey Tail  

Turkey Tails, named for their unique shape and appearance, are known most prominently because of their ability to offer immune system support. These fungi may reduce levels of oxidative stress in the body by acting as an antioxidant. It is also common for people to use Turkey Tail mushrooms for their supposed ability to improve the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. 

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Mushroom Gummies Benefits

People turn to mushroom gummies for so many reasons because the different mushrooms can each offer their own sets of benefits. Herbalists and people interested in natural health and wellness support have used various mushroom varieties for different reasons for centuries. Take a look at some typical uses for functional mushroom gummies. 

Nootropic Support 

Nootropic support refers to support for the brain, mental clarity, or cognitive function. Several mushrooms are thought to enhance cognitive function, such as Lion's mane and Reishi. Therefore, mushroom gummies that contain these fungi may be used to help with things like focus at work, memory support, or to beat a bad case of brain fog. 

Support for Healthy Energy Levels 

The micronutrients found in several mushrooms may offer some level of support for individuals looking for more energy or dealing with ongoing bouts of fatigue. For example, Cordyceps may play a role in cellular energy production, which may help with overall energy levels. 

Getting Exercise and Improving Yourself with Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Homeostasis Support 

Homeostasis within the body basically means that the body is stable and is better capable of fighting things like physical illness or mental stress. Mushrooms that are considered adaptogenic in nature are usually used for homeostasis support. This can include specimens like Reishi and Turkey Tail. 

Calming and Relaxation 

If you have a difficult time unwinding at the end of a stressful day, a mushroom gummy made with something like Chaga or Cordyceps may be a good solution. Some mushrooms contain compounds that naturally help the mind and body relax. 

Immune System Support 

Mushrooms are little powerhouses when it comes to important nutrients. For example, most mushrooms contain flavonols and compounds that offer superior antioxidant properties. And, mushrooms are known to contain beta-glucans, which are important for immune system function. Shiitake and Reishi mushrooms are just a few examples of mushrooms people work into their everyday intake to offer support for their immune systems. 

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Are Mushroom Gummies Legal?

Mushroom gummies are nothing more than supplements that help you get the benefits of fungi without having to consume the actual fungi. Contrary to common assumption, mushroom gummies have nothing to do with psychedelic mushrooms that are treated as an illegal substance. Therefore, functional mushroom gummies are perfectly legal to purchase and use. 

How Do You Take Mushroom Gummies?

Functional mushroom gummies can have different active ingredients, which means the instructions for how to take the gummies can vary from one type of gummy to the next. Always be sure to look at the label of any gummy you pick to see the recommended dosage and supportive information. 

When Should You Take Mushroom Gummies?

Consider the blend of the product and its supposed use. For example, if you are taking a functional mushroom gummy that is formulated for energy support, this product should likely be taken early in the day. By contrast, a formula made for relaxation may be best to take at night before bed. 

How Many Shroom Gummies Should I Take?

Again, be sure to look at the potency and blend and consider your personal needs. However, most people will only need to take one gummy at a time, and then they can adjust slowly depending on their personal experience or goals. 

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Mushroom Gummies vs Another Type of Mushroom Supplement - Which Is Better?

Of course, you don't have to turn to mushroom gummies to get these fungi into your everyday diet. Mushroom gummies have a lot to offer because they're convenient, easy to dose, and enjoyable to consume. Nevertheless, functional mushrooms are available in other forms, such as: 

  • Mushroom extract tinctures¬†
  • Mushroom capsules¬†
  • Mushroom powders¬†

In reality, all forms of mushroom supplements can offer certain benefits. Gummies often offer a concentrated way to use these mushrooms in a form that may be somewhat closer to the natural fungi if they are made with extracts. 

How to Choose the Best Shroom Gummies 

Choosing the best mushroom gummies makes all the difference in your experience. Unfortunately, not all products are created using quality ingredients or with the user experience in mind. A few things to look for when considering a certain product so you know you have a quality brand include: 

  • Transparent ingredient listings¬†
  • Third-party laboratory testing¬†
  • Sustainable mushroom harvesting practices¬†
  • Quality mushroom extraction methods¬†

Also, always look for mushroom gummies made with fruiting bodies. Basically, mushrooms have a fruiting body‚ÄĒthe part that grows above ground or that you see‚ÄĒand mycelia, which is the like the root of the mushroom. The fruiting body of the mushroom is considered more nutrient dense than the mycelia. However, a lot of companies use primarily mycelia or mycelium to cut costs. This can result in a lower-quality, lower-potency mushroom gummy.¬†

Lastly, always look at the potency of the product compared to the price. Some products are considerably overpriced for the actual amount of mushroom extract you are getting in a full package. 

Final Thoughts on Functional Mushroom Gummies

All things considered, functional mushroom gummies are an easy-to-use mushroom supplement that can be an excellent way to bring the power of fungi into your life. However, always look for good, reliable products made by a trusted brand. And, be sure to pick gummies made with mushrooms that support your top-level health and wellness goals.

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