The History of Medicinal Mushrooms

by Alex Heining on Oct 11, 2022

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You may have heard of medicinal mushrooms being used recently by a friend or a co-worker, but still know little about the up-and-coming new superstars in the supplements world. 

Surprisingly enough, these mushrooms aren’t just a new trend a few fitness trainers or influencers have jumped on board with. There’s legitimate science to what gives them power, and how they could be a game-changer for your daily routine.


What are Medicinal Mushrooms?

Medicinal Mushrooms and Natural Nootropics - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA


Simply put, medicinal mushrooms are natural “superfoods” that could best be utilized in improving the daily nutrients your body gets, elevating your focus and more. They may sound like a relatively new concept, but in actuality, their international usage dates back quite a bit further than you’d probably think.


How Far Back do These Medicinal Mushrooms Go?


Mushrooms have been used for medicinal reasons across the past several millennia. In 450 BC, Hippocrates first mentioned mushrooms as being good for inflammation and wound cauterization. Later, the first native people in the Americas were known to use mushrooms for healing wounds, and an alchemist in the 5th century even documented several types of mushrooms and their benefits. References to their benefits spans over hundreds of generations. 


Previously, they were recognized for their bitter taste, but were thought to have healing powers and even the ability to regress disease. While that may not be directly true, they are still recognized to be linked tightly within numerous health benefits.


Fast forward to today, and now you’re seeing these mushrooms be recognized more prevalently in different communities and countries all over the world. 


How are They Used as Nootropics Today?

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Even though mushrooms are rooted in ancient history as medicine, these fungi have only recently been embraced by medical communities in the modern era. This primarily has been in supplements, which have been experimented with and studied heavily.


While there has always been an understanding that certain mushrooms could offer benefits to humans, mushrooms are also short-lived, diverse, and exceptionally difficult to study. Nevertheless, the last few decades have brought industry-changing advancements to light about these ephemeral growths. The more we create and inspire new discoveries with mushrooms, the more valuable the industry has been able to pull from their medical properties.


This has led to them being used as substances that can be beneficial to your focus, your productivity, and overall body wellness, otherwise known as nootropics.


What are Nootropics, and How Do They Impact Me?

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Nootropics are simply natural substances that can elevate how you perform mentally, physically, and support your body wellness. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are likely a part of your diet in some capacity today.


Benefits Linked to Nootropic Use

  • Improved creativity
  • More consistent memory
  • Higher performance in stressful environments
  • Increased range of focus

Nootropics You May Use Today


For many, you’re already using nootropics today. Creatine, coffee, caffeine, and other similar substances can all be considered nootropics, as they are strategically crafted to potentially create some of the same benefits.

One of the primary difficulties that many users could run into is developing a dependency on any one nootropic, which ties into having a tolerance for the substance as well. The trick is to find the perfect variety of nootropics that’ll allow you to change it up consistently to avoid it getting dull, and also still get the potential benefits on a daily basis.

Pairing Medicinal Mushrooms with Nootropic Use


Medicinal mushrooms can come in all kinds of varieties to be consumed efficiently, which allows you to avoid changing your diet up too much. With the same diet and simple supplements, you can increase daily nutrient intake massively with medicinal mushrooms.

Powders, Gummies, and More


Powders and gummies are some of the most popular mediums today that you may have been introduced to by a friend or co-worker recently. These limit the bulk of your mushroom nutrient intake to a tight, compact usage far more beneficial than in centuries past. In a simple gummy or splash of powder in your meal, you could instantly feel the difference in what makes your daily routine special. Here’s how to get started.

Get Started With Troomy Nootropic Gummies Today!

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While the history of medicinal mushrooms is long, they still continue to thrive and find new breakthroughs daily in the supplements industry. As your locally trusted experts, Troomy Nootropics can be a fantastic source for you to get introduced to what benefits these gummies can offer, and how your daily efficiency, productivity, energy, and more can all be given a facelift.

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