4 Meditation Techniques You NEED to Try

Meditation Techniques You NEED to Try - Troomy Nootropics

Meditation can cleanse the soul and revitalize your entire wellbeing in one afternoon. You just have to find which form is right for you.

As a practice, it changes your everyday routine to find calm, relief from stress, and more. Here are some of our best practices at Troomy to quickly implement meditation into your routine.

Should I Try Meditation?

Meditation soothes the body from the inside out. You quickly are able to relax and give the body a sense of calm. Although, this doesn’t happen overnight or in your first session easily. You need to work at it and build up consistency with your meditation techniques to keep your body prepared and allow it to be “at rest” as quickly as possible.

Then, once your body is more acclimated with your mind, you'll start finding it more simple to get started. Think of it like taking short naps on a schedule. You might try it the first time and have a ton of trouble. However, after a few weeks of practicing the same movements, pacing, and techniques, it becomes so routine you can do it instantly.

The same goes for every meditation routine, and requires a steady repetition and schedule to create real change.

How Can I Find Time in My Schedule for Meditation?

This is going to be different for everyone. Some people are morning folks, other like being up all night. Choice is yours for what you prefer, and when you meditate should reflect what benefits you want to take advantage of.

First, let's get acclimated with those benefits, and find which ones we want to target in the routine we try.

Stretching and Feeling Your Best After Meditation - Meditation Tips and How to Start- Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Benefits of  Meditation

  • FEEL GOOD! - Feeling good comes so much more easily when you are stretched, relaxed, and consistently meditating. Meditation builds up a "passive calm" that you feel through the day, making you feel more relaxed through stress.
  • Easier time with stress- While it doesn’t directly reduce stress and anxiety, meditation is a great, healthy outlet for stress and anxiety relief. Additionally, you have the tools in place to deal with future stress more easily.
  • Reducing negative emotions- Again, while it doesn’t directly replace or displace negativity, you can at the very least reduce the impact and effects of those emotions.
  • Patience- Patience is vital. Screens and immediacy are huge today, and we want things to happen “now” more than ever. Meditation is a great tool to build inherent, polished patience.
  • Self-awareness- Being self-aware is vital to your success at home, in the workplace, in school, and virtually everywhere. Meditation puts you in-touch with your innermost self and thoughts, giving you stronger self-awareness.

With these benefits you can seek out, there are all kinds of meditation techniques you might want to try. While they all can achieve these same results, they'll vary depending on your behaviors and habits. Here's a quick overview of each one, so you can find which one's right for you.

Yoga Meditation - Meditating Well and Boosting Your Calm with Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Different Types of Meditation Techniques

1. Yoga Meditation

This is a great two-for-one that’ll help you through your day. Working with a group or alone, you start by grabbing a yoga mat and getting some relaxing stretches in. Then, you can find a yoga sequence that both challenges your body and also allows you to feel at peace and at rest. Checkout some youtube videos or meditations like Shavasana in different forms of yoga here. 

2. Spiritual Meditation

This form of meditation is internationally beloved by all kinds of religions and groups of people. It’s highly diverse and can be used with a variety of backgrounds, which makes it so accessible to try. If you’re aiming to create some kind of spiritual growth while also relaxing and feeling your best internally, this may be the perfect meditation for you.

3. Focus-Driven Meditation

Ever looked at the ceiling long enough that it starts looking strange? Focus meditation allows you to put all your attention into a stationary object, or something similar. This allows you to be entirely focused, present, and calm in your own home or in different settings.

Tai Chi - Practicing Good Meditation Techniques - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

4. Tai Chi Meditation (Movement)

Tai Chi gives your body a great outlet to add some movement to your meditation session. For most, you’re going to want to work with an experienced practitioner on this, but it’s at least a good start to add in some if you’re only learning from videos online.

Additionally, Tai Chi is a great introduction to martial arts. It can make katas and other foundation pieces much simpler to learn. Also, the mental state you enforce with yourself is a positive space you can revisit often, opening the door for you to enter that space more easily.

Relaxing Music and Meditation - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Perfect Meditation Pairings

Calming Music Playlists

You could start by downloading some tunes that others have created online for their own meditation routines. However, a playlist of music that relaxes you quickly should be something you create for yourself. Then you can quickly find music that connects with you, rather than starting from scratch with all new music. After you have a good foundation, start adding new songs here and there to keep it fresh. 

Also, keep the total run-time of the playlist around the length you want your meditation sessions to be. This will keep you on track and set a natural metronome internally that follows the music and helps your body relax more quickly.

Burning Incense

The senses are huge mood shifters, especially with smell. Incense is a great mood setter to create a more soothing environment quickly. While you can’t add incense to every office space at work, you certainly can in your own home. Find scents that soothe you and pair them with the playlist. Then, your space will entirely be your own and you can enter that soothing space with quicker results. 

Using Calming Nootropics

Nootropics are often natural, sometimes synthetic solutions to help with your brain power, memory, focus, and more. Additionally, they can be strategically crafted to assist with calming your body and elevating your focus, which gives your meditation sessions a bit more success. 

With these focuses, you can have a lot more comfort in your meditation and support with stress, anxiety, and more. Luckily, getting started with both nootropics and meditation is easier than ever today.

Adaptogenic Mushroom Gummies - Troomy Nootropics in Whittier, CA

Try Mushroom Nootropic Gummies with Meditation Today!

With Troomy Nootropics, our mushroom gummies have some fruity-fun flavors, and are great pairings to target strong health benefits with your meditation. For example, Calm is one of our Reishi mushroom gummies that aims to help with reducing stress, increasing the effectiveness of your immune system, minimizing fatigue, and more. Just before you start meditation is a great time to implement these gummies into your routine and start reaping the benefits fast.

Try Calm here, and unlock your “True Me” with mushroom gummies at Troomy Nootropics today!

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